Thursday, January 23, 2014

Priscilya Princessa Ala Chef Hot Foto

Priscilya Princessa Ala Chef Hot Foto 

For those of you Who ever watched the show Master Chef on RCTI certainly not foreign to Prinncess Priscilya pretty face . Yups , this beautiful girl is often appeared on television shows in the country after the success of the bake-offs .

Priscilya Princessa was born in London on 23 November 1988 . Her hobbies besides cooking that is singing and listening to jazz music genre . Information obtained search results , he often got the confidence to cook in every family event . Meanwhile, he has reportedly culinary talent he got from his grandmother and his mother . However , often Priscilya creative to create a new and different menu . Not surprisingly Priscilya managed to penetrate the top 5 positions at MCI 1 .

And apparently , lover of bright colors and objects related to Hello Kitty 's also worked as a model . However , it remains the main option is to become a reliable Chef that will be able to give the impression that a Chef including professional with other equally promising . Proven Priscilya Princessa aspire to continue their education in the field of cooking that Le Cordon Bleu education institution in Paris , France who teaches hospitality management and culinary arts , and includes the world's largest in the field .

Not only penetrated the world cooking - cooking , priscilya also be a photo model in a magazine . Nowadays it becomes beautiful woman in chef cooking show ala chef trans tv that along with the famous chef who is not less beautiful is farah queen .
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