Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Foto Hot Kartika Putri Bintang Pesbuker ANTV

Foto Hot Kartika Putri Bintang Pesbuker ANTV 

Kartika Putri( born in Palembang , Indonesia , January 20, 1991 , age 22 years is an actress and presenter and has a special feature in Tegal dialect .

Kartika started his career in the entertainment world as a sports and news presenter . After long appeared as a presenter , he finally noticed by film producer to star in a big screen title .

Beautiful artist who is now frequently appear in Digitalclip that aired on Trans could also be co - hosted replacement Magdalena KAKEK-KAKEK NARSIS , also at the same television station .

Of course , these opportunities directly diiyakan by sexy bodied this presenter . Although he admits not having a background in acting , but he felt that acting made ​​him feel challenged and adds his experience . With a little a lot of direction from the director , he also enjoyed acting .

Despite having a pretty face and sexy body , do not shy daughter Kartika actress played the female accent Tegal . This is what made ​​him famous as an artist with a distinctive accent . From there , he was also popular and increasingly more job offers who stopped him .

This long-haired woman did not hesitate to reveal the origin of the peculiar accent he uses . And it turns out , a habit he learned from one of the workers at his home .

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