Friday, January 3, 2014

Foto Hot Jenita Janet " Di Rijek "

Foto Hot Jenita Janet " Di Rijek "

Jenita Janet began her career as an itinerant dangdut singer while still in high school, after graduation he worked at a bank. Thanks to their interests and talents into a dangdut singer, Jenita had joined the group Poison Duo music. However, due to incompatibility Jenita ultimately chose to leave the group and pursue a solo music career.

  In January 2013, Jenita Janet released her first single entitled 'direject'. Janet began Jenita known to the public because of his appearance on the show in various music television station. As a dangdut singer, Jenita Janet has a distinctive appearance, which wobble 'Gogo dangdut' as well as hair styles and fashion colors. With the appearance of a lot of people who refer to it as 'Katy Perry from Indonesia'. However, Jenita refused equated with the singer from the United States and chose to be himself completely with the traits that he has.

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