Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kontroversi Pengacara Farhat Abbas dengan Al dan El

Back Farhat Abbas was involved in a feud with the son of Ahmad Dhani, El Al and they each commented spicy and mock each other, both on twitter as well as directly through the television medium.

This case stems from the statement's son Dhani, who challenged the lawyer to fisticuffs in the ring. Al and El challenging Farhat, because the lawyer was always mention of the father and son mereka.Persetuan Presidential Candidate of Ahmad Dhani was also in the limelight. Farhat Abbas Al menggaap father who always attack in a state plagued by disaster.

Hearing these challenges, Farhat can not remain silent. spokesman of Farhat have also joined Al menyatkan that speech was just a small child's speech should not respond. After a few days Farhat Abbas finally responded with a variety of spicy chatter. In fact, he challenged Al to face female boxers that he had prepared.
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