Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Foto Hot Anggita Sari

Foto Hot Model Anggita Sari

Photos of hot models Sari Anggita unceasingly provide sensation , a former drug dealer 's girlfriend claimed to have a relationship with the husband of Ayu ting ting pregnant and confessed of his relationship with Enji ( Henry Baskoro Hendarso ) son of former Police chief .

To prove Anggita Sari lovingly shows photos on his Twitter account with the son of former National Police Chief Bambang Hendarso it . Pictures show as proof that he had a relationship both special.

In the lovingly photograph , Henry Baskoro Hendarso wearing a plaid shirt , while Anggita wearing sexy black dress . As he smiled , leaning her head on his chest Anggita Enji . Although it seemed to intimate , to date Enji still evasive never establish love with Anggita and make Anggita claimed annoyed with Enji action .

The photos were already very clearly proved both have a special relationship . in the photo at that time written ' Big day for us love Henry Baskoro Hendarso ' , it explains that there is a special day at the time, " .

Anggita claimed to have had a serious relationship although Enji dating for six months .
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