Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beredar Foto Hot Scarlett Johansson di Internet

Beredar Foto Hot Scarlett Johansson di Internet

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson was made dizzy by a number of hot photos of her that circulated widely on the Internet since Wednesday (09/14/2011) yesterday morning.

At least two photos hotnya been circulated so quickly. Not yet known who leaked the party's personal photos. Only, negligence has been made. From the photos are outstanding, star of Lost in Translation was deliberately taking pictures of herself using a mobile phone.

One photo taken while lying on the mattress. While one other photo, he took with use of a mirror so that the entire rear body looked intact.

Responding to the circulation of these photos, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) immediately conduct an investigation. A source close to Johansson confirmed to TMZ that the police have been contacted to ask Johansson photos horrendous.

The FBI is currently pursuing traffickers reportedly in hot photo 50 other U.S. celebrities, including artist Demi Lovato, Christina Augilera, Ali Larter, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens to Jessica Alba. The FBI believes there are criminal acts behind the spread of these photos.

"The FBI is investigating the person or group responsible for this incident which involved a number of famous people," said Laura Eimiller FBI officials in Los Angeles.

Allegations of criminal motives became more powerful as photos of hot Johansson appeared on the same weekend with the gossip that would release video footage of Johansson with her boyfriend, Dean Martin, which will be released on 20 September.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Utha Likumahuwa Meninggal Dunia

Utha Likumahuwa Meninggal Dunia

No one can resist the power of God. Utha Likumahuwa singer finally breathed his last at around 13:30 pm in the hospital Fatmawati, South Jakarta.

News of the death of one of the singers with a distinctive voice is a direct response from friends and kin. Alternately they came to the hospital. A number of artists like Harry Capri, Benny Likumahuwa, Vonny Sumlang and others seem to be there.

According to the plan Utha Likumahuwa bodies will be buried at his home in Chester Numbers of South Tangerang, and was buried on Wednesday (09/14/2011) tomorrow.

Utha suffered a stroke that interferes with brain, even the deceased had undergone cranial surgery on 8 September.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Foto Hot Bulan Madu Kim Kardashian

Foto Hot Bulan Madu Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian officially married to Kris Humphries on 20 August. After the wedding, they honeymooned in Italy.

Recently, the Daily Mail shows pictures of Kim and Kris during their honeymoon at the Hotel Santa Caterina. The couple looked very intimate. They also appear several times a kiss without regard to the people around him.

In the photo, Kim looks very sexy in her bikini. During his stay there, they spend more time for sunbathing while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

During the honeymoon, Kris is very indulgent wife. Even for a stay at Hotel Santa Caterin, Kris needs to raise up to USD 28 million / night.

"The honeymoon we are perfect, we could spend time alone together," Kim commented about the honeymoon.
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Foto Hot Demi Moore di Twitter

Foto Hot Demi Moore di Twitter

Recently, Demi Moore make a fuss on Twitter. Through his personal Twitter account, the 48-year-old actress was showing off her hot photos.

As reported by Aceshowbiz, Saturday (10/09/2011), in the photo, Demi showing off her backside without a boss. For the sake of taking photos through the reflection mirror in her bathroom.

"remember ..... you've got your own back." star writes 'The Joneses' caption on the photograph.

The photos were directly provoked reactions Demi follower. Some praised his follower, but some are questioning the intent By posting the photo.

"To remember to be your own best friend to find, light & protection from within yourself!" By answering twit writes his fans.
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Foto Tato Stevie Dominique Jollie Pemeran Mati Muda Dipelukan Janda

Foto Tato Stevie Dominique Jollie Pemeran Mati Muda Dipelukan Janda

Tattoos are permanent make Dominique (22), a newcomer to the world the role, not carelessly describe the skin.

The owner's full name, admits she Dominique Jollie first conceptualizing always wanted a tattoo. "It's a tattoo of its lifetime, so I make a tattoo that just means nothing," Dominique said after a press conference in the movie "Mati Muda di Pelukan Janda", in Jakarta, Wednesday (09/07/2011).

Nine tattoos that adorn the skin of one of the finalists election magazine cover girl in 2007 has meaning for him. "Tattoos Ankh symbol is always used as Cleopatra. This one (interest) lily, lily because she likes to buy at home. This Live, Priceless, Diamond. And, which is taken from French, means peace, because it happened to Mama-Peace my name, always reminds me of a Peace was born, "said Dominique.

Meanwhile, a tattoo almost meet back in the film starring Mira Died Young in the embrace of this widow, a pretty sexy. "First tattoo on his back, this Geisha praying. There are women who think Eminem is contemptible. So, I make a Geisha was praying," he explained.

Has nine tattoos, girls born in Bandung, July 29, 1989, it admitted no problem with her ​​parents. "It happens all the tattooed Mama Papa," said Dominique, a Dutch-Sundanese this bloody.
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Tidak Ijin Syuting Video Klip Briptu Norman Dihentikan Provos

Tidak Ijin Syuting Video Klip Briptu Norman Dihentikan Provos

Long time no heard from, Brigadier Norman Kamaru back into the limelight. Filming the latest video clips that served this Gorontalo Brimob police stopped suddenly.

Allegedly the police thanks to lip sync a popular Indian song titled 'Chayya-Chayya' is not pocketing the permission of the commander.

Anticipated arrival of Brigadier Norman and her producer, to Kotamobagu, North Sulawesi to avoid the Provos in the making of the video clips as they were done without official permission from the police.

However, the plan did not go smoothly. Because Wakapolres Bolaang Mongondow with intel and Criminal immediately asked the producer to stop filming them. According to Police Chief Bolaang Mongondow, Edgar AKBP Seno Broto, it was done by order of Police Chief Gorontalo.

Reportedly, filming video clips for this, Brigadier Norman get paid Rp500 million.
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Heboh Twitter Chantal Della Concetta

Heboh Twitter Chantal Della Concetta

Furor going on twitter due to a misunderstanding involving a former news anchors beautiful, Chantal Della Concetta. Chantal had time to comment on Syahrini news, in one of the entertainment news sites.

Chantal wrote the ASU (Alhamdulillah something). Many react to writing ASU-ya is, given the Java language, asu mean dog.
"Ini ngejek ya, masa ‘ canda?? Gak etis, pun arti singkatannya gak lucu," the response from @ arditamasandy.

When contacted via cell phone on Thursday (8 / 9), Chantal admits he did not mean to insult or ridicule something or someone.

"I'm really sorry about writing me at twitter. I do not intend to write it in Java language, and even I do not know if that means damn it dog, Beneran I dont know if that means," said Chantal at the end of the phone.

"ASU is short. I even do not understand the Javanese language. Sorry to offend," wrote Chantal on twitter account while explaining.

So as not to cause problems, Chantal immediately delete the text. He also apologized and explained that the word is merely an abbreviation that he has made.

"I'm really writing immediately delete it, and I already apologized once when it's offensive. But then again honestly, I guns no intention to insult or offend," she said.

Not only the cons, there are several Chantal follower who can understand these events. "Forgiven for mommi chan2 klo ko mah," writes @ irnatania.

"Yes, thank you once made that can condone this incident, I am so thankful there are those who can understand this misconception heartened. I hope they can tolerate it," said Chantal end.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tak Bercelana Dalam Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo Ditegur

Tak Bercelana Dalam Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo Ditegur

Controversy coloring Miss Universe, who has entered year-to-60. This time it's not about the use of a bikini in one of the judging session, but the act of contestants from Colombia, Catalina Robayo, desperate dressed without wearing underwear.

A photographer takes pictures of action Robayo media while sitting wrapped in orange mini dress. Shots are plastered in a newspaper it clearly tarnished the Miss Universe Foundation officials who gathered at the quarantine location, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

"Colombia should speak up and admonish their representatives to wear panties, what he has done (Robayo) really inappropriate," a source told Fox News.

Miss Universe Foundation president, Paula Shugart, limp when he heard the news from one of his team. "There are plenty of women draped mini dress at the center of attention, but when I saw the photo (action Robayo) on the front page of the newspaper, I was surprised."

Before the case Robayo sticking, events Miss Universe also in the spotlight when the committee returns the bikinis from Brazil Catalina Swimwear that became one of the sponsors. Bathing suit was considered too skimpy to wear the contestants.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bikini Sexy Nadine Alexandra di Miss Universe

Bikini Sexy Nadine Alexandra di Miss Universe

Coming to follow the Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames received a lot of briefing material from the Miss Indonesia Foundation (YPI). In addition, the Puteri Indonesia 2010 was also diligent in sports.

Women flawless in this saying, if the body helps to look nice and strong physical support to compete with the finalists of Miss Universe 2011 in August.

The briefing received by Nadine recently so special, because the YPI bring teachers directly from the United States, Roston Ogata.

Mega Space YPI as Head of Communications said Roston Ogata is the Talent Director of Miss Universe Organization. He was invited to bring flags YPI Roston Ogata, who focus on international corporate peagent.

Roston Ogata Nadine galvanize for 11 days and ended on Monday, July 11 last. Problem chances at Miss Universe Nadine, Mega hoping to provide the best for Indonesia.

"The main target should win. Minimal achievement should be better than the previous representative of Indonesia, "Megawati said lid Miss Universe 2011 will begin from 21 August to 12 September.
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Adegan Hot Shinta Bachir di Film Mati Muda Dipelukan Janda

Adegan Hot Shinta Bachir di Film Mati Muda Dipelukan Janda

Shinta Bachir famous for its bold appearance in films that starred. In his latest film, 25-year-old artist is determined to look sexy. Shinta considers the scene as a challenge.

"I dare to be different in the latest movie, as it seeks to professionals," said Shinta as at Jalan Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta, Wednesday, September 7, 2011.

Shinta said before accepting the role in this film, he had thought carefully to make the scene.

Had word got out, Shinta want sexy scene in the movie because of the expensive paid. When mentioned about, Shinta admitted that he had fallen in love with the role offered.

"Packaging this way, I am a widow, his widow more precisely the role of my prime in this movie," he said.

Looks like Shinta was prepared to face the controversy surrounding it acting brave. He is ready to accept the consequences of what he had done. Included in the event of a ban on films starring.

"Even if later banned, in which problems and harm, it also demands a role. I'm just trying to professionals," he said casually.
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Ayu Pratiwi Pemeran Film Mati Muda di Pelukan Janda

Ayu Pratiwi Pemeran Film Mati Muda di Pelukan Janda

Isti Ayu Pratiwi or better known as Ayu Pratiwi (born in Jakarta, May 23, 1987, age 24 years) is the actor and model.

He is widely known through her ​​role as Sarah in the movie Doomsday is near in 2003. In addition to playing in a number of soap operas and television, lanky girl who has a body height 173 cm and is familiarly called Ayu, Puteri Indonesia is also the Tourism 2009.

She earned after successfully reaching the position of second runner-up at the event in Indonesia beauty contest 2009. In the event, he represents the province of North Maluku.

In the Indonesian Film Festival 2009, he was nominated as best supporting actress. In addition to FFI in 2009, in the same year, he also was nominated as best supporting actress in the event the IMA (Indonesian Movie Awards).

In 2010, at the Bali International Film Festival, won best supporting actrees ayu in the film Mother Want to Haj.

In 2011 Ayu starred in a movie called 'Mati Muda di Pelukan Janda' which is about a love triangle between police officers PP unit named Rahmat (Ihsan) and two widows of different personalities. Ayu Pratiwi act as a widow of good character.
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Cut Tari Digosipkan Meninggal Dunia

Cut Tari Digosipkan Meninggal Dunia
Cut Tari name again busy talking on social networking sites. Not related videos hot-shattering, but he reportedly died.

The emergence of the death news Dance Cut begins with a chain message via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which circulated on Wednesday (07/09/2011), which reads: "Inalillahi, obituary of Indonesian artists involved in the case of a video nasty cut dance last breath in the Hospital Medistra Tebet South Jakarta this afternoon at 14:27, cut tari taken one hour prior to the state of unconsciousness, while the treating doctor has not dared to speak what the cause is before the family requested that the bodies autopsied. "

Suddenly alone, singing a number of Twitter users were immediately welcomed the news and confirmed that information. "Seriously cut tary died? Hoax kalii yeee: s" wrote @ WinnyPatty, "BM tary die cut right what -_-"," not ask @ pumpkinpottery.

Rebuttal came from the account owner @ icontalentmgmt, management overshadow Dance Cut. The Cut Tari penyataanya explained that in a healthy condition and is shooting a TV program.

"News @ CUTTARYtweet grief of praise to God is NOT TRUE, this time he was busy filming in the state baik2 & only:)," writes @ icontalentmgmt dismissed these rumors.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Foto Sexy Joanna Alexandra

Foto Sexy Joanna Alexandra

Alexandra Arimbi Joanna (born in Jakarta, 23 April 1987, age 24 years) or better known as Joanna Alexandra is a movie player and soap operas, as well as models of Indonesia.

Joanna started her career since junior high school third grade when inadvertently offered a designer Adjie Notonegoro to be a model. Joanna was intended to make clothes in a boutique owned by the famous designer. Jo finally got education for three months, after which it was contracted by the agency's Adjie, Flash.

Early career is now starring in soap opera The Bajaj MD Entertainment production. In the show, playing together Ervan Joanna Naro and Selly Hasan. He was also known to the public through the film Endnotes School. Joanna had horrendous public through her ​​sexy pose in Playboy Indonesia magazine.

In addition to playing the soap opera, Jo was also a star video clips, songs owned by Peterpan, Omelet, Rice, Prince, Galagasi, and the Five Pandavas.
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Tyas Mirasih Hot Foto

Tyas Mirasih Hot Foto

Tyas Mirasih Endah (born in Jakarta, 8 April 1987, age 24 years) is a model of video clips, presenter, and sitcom actress Indonesia.

Tyas, as usual he was called, began his career in the entertainment world after being a finalist Indonesia Cover Girls 2002. However, his name became known publicly Indonesia during a video clip starring in "This Time" Ungu band group property.

After that, Tyas also starred in numerous video clips, such as "Seperti Yang Dulu" (Ungu), "Seperti Yang Kumau" (Baim), "Menjaga Hati" (Yovie & Nuno),"Untuk Pertama Kali" (Kerispatih) "Bersama Bintang" (Drive) dan "Cintai Aku Lagi" (Sania).

Not just satisfied to be a model, Tyas plunged into the world of soap operas. Soap opera ever starring the youngest of three brothers pair Widiatmo Surman and Hedy Elias, among others, Teman Tapi Mesra, Sepatu Kaca, dan Cinta Itu Ngga Buta.

Although relatively new in the world of showbiz, Tyas name often appears in news infotainment. This is because Tyas known floater girlfriend from celebrities. Call it, Ox, Clubeighties vocalist who has been dating 4.5 years, even rumored to be engaged, but eventually they broke up.

Javanese-Dutch mulatto girl was also turned her heart to a young and personnel pesinetron BBB vocal group (No Ordinary Stars), Raffi Ahmad. Only lasted a few months, their relationship ended. Tyas went back touted as the third person Nia Ramadhani breakup with Bams Samsons. But lately Tyas dating Tria Mohammad Ramadhani (vocalist of The Changcuters).

after breaking up with with Mohammad Tria Ramadhani, Tyas Mirasih does not seem to take long to forget Tria 'Changcuters'. Now, the so-called middle Tyas love with actors from Malaysia, Keith Foo.

Keith Tyas intimacy and visible from both Twitter. In fact, if you look at the timeline of his, now seem to be going on vacation with my Tyas Keith.

"Snorkling timeee with monskii @ keithfoo83," he wrote in the account @ tyasmirasih.
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Saipul Jamil Jadi Tersangka

Saipul Jamil Jadi Tersangka

Saipul Jamil  admitted he would be surprised if determined to be suspect. He did not understand why it could eventually come to that.

I do not know. I also understand baseball could be so, I am still grieving.

Moreover, given the current situation is still in mourning the loss of his wife, Virginia Anggraeni, due to an accident at Kilometer 96 +500, Toll Cipularang, Purwakarta, Saturday (03/09/2011) then.

Dewi Persik ex-husband was also dismissed allegations of negligence while driving a car he was driving the Avanza. Anyway, so far he has not felt checked by the police. "I also have not been interrogated" he said.

Saipul also explained that he had no bad intentions, let alone cause the car he was driving was in an accident so that his beloved wife died.

Earlier, in a separate place, Head of Police Public Relations Inspector General Anton Bachrul Alam said, Saipul will be subject to Article 310 of Law No. 22 of 2009 on Road Traffic. Violators will be subject to article six years imprisonment and / or a maximum fine of Rp 12 million.

"He could be charged Article 310 paragraph 4 of the Traffic Act (Act No. 22 of 2009)," Anton said in Jakarta on Monday (05/09/2011).

The plan, police will conduct a new determination to Saipul suspects in the week after the incident.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hot Foto Wiwid Gunawan

Hot Foto Wiwid Gunawan 

Rujuniarti Sapta Pertiwi (born in Bandung, West Java, June 21, 1982, age 28 years; better known as Wiwid Gunawan) is an actress and star advertising Indonesia.

Wiwid Gunawan began to be known by the public after a role in the soap opera Cinderella. and the more widely known after a role in the film Married.

Wiwid Gunawan never claimed to love watching hot movies. Penchant Wiwid watch hot movies began when he underwent filming 'marriage contract'. In the film she was diving a scene.

Of the films watched it, Wiwid tried to imitate the expression when the movie scene. From there, he could better appreciate his acting in the film. Without hesitate, he admitted collecting a lot of movies. If you are bored, he will exchange movies with his friends.

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Gambar Tato Chantal Della Concetta

Gambar Tato Chantal Della Concetta

Although five tattoos have been stuck in some parts of his body, Chantal Della Concetta news presenters are still going to make another tattoo. Because the tattoo bearing the image of his son's face is a picture he wishes unfulfilled.

Say that the tattoo that has stuck to his white skin is diverse. But dominated the names of people the most valuable and unforgettable his services. So by the spring legs Chantal listed surnames of his parents.

"So my tattoo pictures are the ones who have been supporting up like now. Yes, for example Boen, call the father near the right ankle, while Atje, call mom on my left leg near the eye, "he continued.

Admittedly, the desire mentattoo actually been around a long time. But because it has not had income Chantal did not dare. Even now parents and family members just to remind him alone.

Asked, if not pain during the tattoo process progresses, the woman who is now single status after her marriage to Hans Blue foundered despite having been blessed with a son in 2004 and a daughter in 2009 named Nathaniel Trevor Peach Blue Blue and Mazel just smiled.

"The pain stabbed like a pen. But in certain places such as my feet hit the bone, so sick, "said Budi Gunawan child pairs Kelvin and Shirley Gandasasmita this.

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Foto Arianna Amora Lemos | Anak Krisdayanti Dan Raul Lemos

Foto Arianna Amora Lemos | Anak Krisdayanti Dan Raul Lemos

Krisdayanti just had a baby daughter's first marriage to Raul Lemos results by caesarean section at RS Mitra Kemayoran, Jakarta, Monday (09/05/2011). 

After birth, the family immediately held a press conference in the hall of the hospital. Arianna Amora Lemos was born weighing 2.95 kg and length 48 cm. 

The first Princess of KD marriage with Raul Lemos was named Arianna Amora Lemos. The meaning of the name is like a diamond in the loving of KD and Raul. Because the condition is still very weak, KD can only convey a message and greetings to his fellow media through a piece of paper which was read by Raul Lemos.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Virginia Anggraeni Isrti Saiful Jamil Tewas

Virginia Anggraeni Isrti Saiful Jamil Tewas 

Death of wife "pedangdut" Saiful Jamil, Virginia Anggraeni, due to an accident on the Toll Cipularang Saturday (3 / 9) has become treding topic in social networking. Even wrapped in a newspaper photograph that Virginia did not escape from a complicated discussion. To lead to criticism from users Tweeps or twitter. 

 "What have pictures of Virginia (wife of Saiful Jamil) time of the accident, can you hold yourself to not spread? Wear feelings!" Risa writes AMRIKASARI. Unknown, photograph the corpse was posted by the leadership of Ilham infotainment Stars, which shows the corpse of Virginia after the accident. Although, the corpse's face looks closed the newspaper. 

Ilham also had denied that the photo was posted with the intention of personal popularity or media owned. "Photo almh wife Syaiful Jamil lbh pd fact mnunjkkn victim / scene of the accident (the deceased's face covered). Sorry kl was annoying." Ilham wrote Star diakun Twitter. "With apologizes especially kpd alm Virginia family, also for the inconvenience tweeps, photographs referred sdh delete. Thank you."
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