Monday, August 29, 2011

Si Cantik Dea Tunggaesti | Pengacara Nazaruddin

Si Cantik Dea Tunggaesti | Pengacara Nazaruddin

Dea's profile Tunggaesti Attorney Tim Nazaruddin into the public debate since the appearance of Attorney Tim Dea Tunggaesti Nazaruddin when seen aired on television.

Suspect cases of bribery homestead SEA Games athletes Muhammad Nazaruddin promised to speak, when he moved from the Detention Command Headquarters Brigade (Mako Brimob) Kelapa Dua, Depok, West Java. Nazar is also requested that his wife and children are not disturbed disturbed because ignorant.

"The bottom line in the earlier examination, Mr. Nazaruddin begged his wife and children are not disturbed. And he (Nazar) also begged him transferred from prison Mako Brimob, "said Dea Tungga Esti, a member team of lawyers Nazaruddin, after accompanying the Corruption Eradication Commission examined Nazar, Thursday (18 / 8).

According to Dea, based on the recognition Nazaruddin, the reason for the former Treasurer was asked to move the Democratic Party of Mako Brimob, because it often gets bullied. Nazar depressed there. In a three-hour examination Nazaruddin requested that moved to Cipinang prison or to Tangerang.

"In a subsequent examination, he will begin to talk in terms has been moved from Mako Brimob," adds Dea.

In addition to the transfer request detention, Nazar has also written a letter to the President. In the letter, Nazar ready to declare himself imprisoned, without due process of law to defend their rights. But he begged his wife and children are not disturbed disturbed. According to Nazar, his wife did not know and not related to the case itself.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alyssa Mengklarifikasi Video Ciuman Lewat Twitter

Alyssa Mengklarifikasi Video Ciuman Lewat Twitter  

As reported previously, the video titled Alyssa Soebandono HOLIDAY N Desta has been posted since August 21, 2011, by the account owner Gembalgembil. Alyssa looks and Desta was enjoying a holiday in London England, and in the video highlight one of the historic center of the country the kingdom, and the video seemed taken directly by Desta.

Alyssa chose to confirm via twitter, as dipostingnya following:
1. "For who asked them, in a video that circulated was myself and when I still had a relationship with Desta. And I do not avoid it."

2. "The video was taken while still dating status. Now I have not the same anymore Desta. I live my own life so well with him."

3. "And it's all done in the video who is dating someone who should still be normal, not pornography."

4. "And about this news, I would not say 2 times. I just clarify one time and if anyone who asked them please see my timeline."

5. "Thanks to all who have supported me. Because no matter what happens I will still live my life without having to talk about the news."

6. "And why are running fast to want to keep her fast, not talking about people.'ll Reward for fasting is not counted."

7. "Think of it like watching a movie where the scene as it was used. Hehe. Anything that people talk about me, I accept it all."

8. "We all have lives of their privacy. We are to look after each other. Thank you for your understanding and once again I apologize."

Previously, it was widely heard news of the relationship between the two. However, whenever mowed questions regarding this, they were often evasive, though several times a sign both of them have a special relationship not often seen on twitter.
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Video Ciuman Desta dan Alyssa Subandono di Youtube

Video Ciuman Desta dan Alyssa Subandono di Youtube

Alyssa Soebandono and Desta Club Eighties seemed to be romantic couple. It is characterized by the circulation of the two intimate videos on Youtube site, titled Alyssa Soebandono N Desta HOLIDAY.

In the video, they record the intimate scenes of both, even kissing lips. Appears, the scene is taken looks very natural, and seems deliberately perpetuated.

"That angel cupid, meaning heart of London, and it has no history, if diceritain long. But the point was demonstrated for the people we love," said Alyssa in audio recorded on video.

Desta was heard asking, "Who do you love?", Which immediately responded by Alyssa with a kiss on the cheek, which continued kissing both lips.

Video uploaded on August 21, is a lot of response, and quite horrendous, considering Alyssa and Desta almost unheard of a love affair between the two.

A similar video Alyssa never circulated in early 2009, involving himself with Purple vocalist, Pasha. However, when it insisted Alyssa admitted that it was not him. Until this news was revealed, both Alyssa and Desta could not be contacted.
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Kostum Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames di Miss Universe

Kostum Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames di Miss Universe

Miss Universe will be held at the Credicard Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 12 September. In the event the 89 beautiful women who come from countries in the world will compete to bring pride to the country they represent. One form of their efforts to it the name of the nation is to wear the national dress, evening gown or cocktail dress to be worn on the show of friendship.

Then what costume to wear while Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames quarantine later? For some people, Nadine costume is quite brave.

The following image Nadine Alexandra costume worn in the Miss Universe:
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hot Tia Ivanka | Pacar Baru Steve Emmanuel ?

Hot Tia Ivanka | Pacar Baru Steve Emmanuel ?

Artia Dewi Siregar full name of Tia Ivanka; born in Medan, North Sumatra, 8 September 1978, age 32 years) is an actor who was popular Indonesian woman in the era of the 1990s thanks to her performance in various soap operas on a number of private television station in Indonesia.

Tia began her career as an advertising model. Previously, Tia worked at a clothing store and then turned the work into the housing marketing.

His life changes when offered a model of an ad. After the ad, Tia was offered to play in the soap opera New Pondok Indah, which is directed by the same person with the ad director.

After that the couple's daughter Panusulan Siregar and Syamsiah Lubis is also increasingly in demand. Some soap opera ever played, among others, Blood and Love, Panji manusia Millennium, Honor, Tuyul and Mbak Yul, Rosalinda, and Terajanna.

Opponent that often accompany Tia, one of which is Primus Yustisio (husband soap opera Jihan Fahira), among others, in the soap opera Panji Millennium Man and Honor.

After the success in acting, Tia tries his luck in the world of drag votes. Under the banner of Amartya 8, Tia vocals combine with Didi Rachman, Anjasmara, Gunawan, and Anggi. Albums that have release titled Love.

Although initially their relationship to opposition from parents because of religious differences, Tia eventually married male American citizen, George Manuel Sotello, on February 13, 2005.

Blessing of the parents Tia given after George is determined to convert to Islam. Because did not speak Indonesian or Arabic, then the consent granted conducted in English. From this marriage, they had one son, Micah Jayden Sotello (born June 3, 2007). The couple eventually divorced.

Now after a long absence reportedly terdengan, Tia in gossiping about dating Steve it is because they often bump into the street together. For example, the couple was seen together watching a movie 'Fast Five' at Studio XXI, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Jakarta, Saturday (08/20/2011). They both look quite intimate. When the movie came out, Steve took the hand soap star 'Tuyul and Mbak Yul' it.

Is it true that Steve and Tia now has a special relationship?
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Si Imut Franda Presenter Lensa Olahraga Malam Antv

Si Imut Franda Presenter Lensa Olahraga Malam Antv

Efranda Stephanus or more familiarly called Vj Franda born on February 8, 1987. Completed his education at London's school-majoring in mass communications Jakarta.

franda with a sexy body and pretty face is not like a man with athletic body. So how do men like Franda?

FHM model is also said that he was groggy and nervous when he first became vj and started interviewing bands, artists, actors and other celebrities.

Franda also admitted his career could also be a vj early stone to other professions such as films, soap operas, or singing. From mtv vj franda also got the title in the name of VJ (video jockey). Franda now a presenter Lenses Sports quiz is aired every night at 0:30 pm.
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Foto Hesti Purwadinata | Presenter Sexy

Foto Hesti Purwadinata | Presenter Sexy

Artists and presenters whose full name was Raden Hesti Purwadinata Puspitasari was born in Bogor June 15, 1984. Completed the course in Public Relations and Information Engineering University Interstudi Gunadarma Jakarta.

Hesti Puspitasari started his career through the selection of the model's face Femina magazine in 2005 as a champion to 3.

Hesti Purwadinata is Indonesia Model, Actress and Presenter. Hesti usually starred in several FTV (Film Televisi) dramas aired on SCTV. As a sport presenter, Hesti can be watched on Sport 7 malam on Trans 7 every monday till friday at 12.30 AM.

Fans like Hesti for her cute and childish voice, as well as her comedian style. She always looks sexy and sporty in every event she appears.

Now Hesti has already married with Edo Borne. Their wedding on 19th September 2010 held on Megamendung, West Java.
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ayu Anjani Hot Foto

Ayu Anjani Hot Foto

Ayu Anjani (born in Bandung, West Java, December 11, 1990, age 20 years) is a soap opera actor Indonesia. Ayu name famous since starring in soap operas Lasmini.

The eldest of five brothers and Huda Listy Raraswanto pair is plunged into the world of entertainment with Indonesia since late 2004 after he won the champion in the event of a magazine model selection.

After that, Ayu entered the acting world by playing in high school soap opera Love for a few episodes. Due to the concentration of schools, Ayu step back from the world of soap operas.

Once in high school, Ayu back filming a soap opera. This time he plays in the soap opera Lasmini colossal. Although only 16 years old, his posture is tall and plump with a height of 168 cm and weight 52 kg, making Ayu easily recognizable and immediately attract attention.

Ayu decided to quit school and use the program homeschooling because busy filming a soap opera.

Soap operas and television movie starring the ever loving Ayu, among others, Maha Kasih, Perjanjian Cinta, Pintu Hidayah, Jaka Tarub, Jaka Tingkir.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camel Petir Hot Foto

Camel Petir Hot Foto

Through a rigorous selection process, the artist singer Camel Thunderstorms will named her as 'Queen of Boxing Professional' version of the Professional Boxing Commission of Indonesia (KTPI) led by the famous lawyer Ruhut Sitompul, Sunday (24/07) in Studio 5 TVRI Senayan, Jakarta.

Dangdut singer with the original name Camelia Panduwinata Lubis, setting aside its competitors namely Yunni artist Shara, Manohara and Agnes Monica.
Choice fell on the Camel Lightning due consideration for three years, is familiar with the community of professional boxing in the country.

Camel Lightning socializing artist who will be crowned as' Queen of Professional Boxing ", added Yance, a positive response from Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo and Kadisorda Ratiyono, Saturday (07/23). "The two officials had agreed, the era of performance-related momentum Indonesia," he explained.

Meanwhile, the artist born in Medan October 27, 1986, Camel Lightning, expressed its readiness to hold the title as 'Queen of Professional Boxing'. "I am also ready if you have to do a road show to a few areas, mainly to introduce more professional boxing in order to attract the younger generation," he said.

The singer who among them ever bringing forth album dangdut house 'Ya Iyalah', 'Godain Gwe Donk', 'Aku Sudah Tau, Say', agrees with the vision, mission, and commitment from KTPI.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Si Cantik Raisa Andriana

Si Cantik Raisa Andriana

The music industry is so attractive to newcomers, Raisa Andriana (born 6 June 1990). Especially since I was 3 years old he already knew the music and songs.

Growing up with music education are minimal, he learned to sing a unique style and sound through some favorite singers like Brian McKnight, India Arie, Stevie Wonder, JoJo, Joss Stone, Alicia Keys, James Ingram, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, etc. The most pop music with a touch of r & b,

He hopes to give new color for the Indonesian music industry with a deep soothing voice that you will be glad to listen again and again.

The first single "Business One" will be launched in July, and the rest of the album at the end of the year. Produced by Asta from the RAN, Handy and Rio from Soulvibe, Raisa unique sound will come soon and please your hearing

"I co-wrote seven of the nine songs on the album that first, but not fully (all the songs that) I created for assisted Asta RAN, also from Soulvibe Handy and Rio," he said.

Even so, Raisa has not been thought to give birth soon the second album with songs of his own.
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Foto Sexy Sarah Hadju Vokalis Baru Cokelat

Foto Sexy Sarah Hadju Vokalis Baru Cokelat

Sarah Hadju or better known as Sarah Idol finally premiering on water as a vocalist Chocolate at WTC Mangga Dua in GREAT show on Sunday (25 / 7) yesterday. INDONESIAN IDOL finalist in 2007 was immediately captured the hearts of the fans of the old Chocolate lulled by the appearance of former vocalist, Kikan.

Sarah Hadju finally premiering on water as a vocalist Chocolate at WTC Mangga Dua in GREAT show on Sunday (25 / 7) yesterday. INDONESIAN IDOL finalist in 2007 was immediately captured the hearts of the fans of the old Chocolate lulled by the appearance of former vocalist, Kikan.

Sarah was admitted, insofar as it served as a vocalist who had stood 14 years, he did not want to try replacing the figure of a somewhat legendary Kikan for chocolate fans.

Performed with the three remaining original personnel namely Ronny, Erwin, and Ernest - Sarah's got a lot of praise. "Excellence Sarah, her spirit. We're talking, which we also had a problem yesterday and now Sarah's passion for a new spirit. Sarah is positive thinking person. We do not discuss the comparison of the old. We want to be a better band and large," said Ronny.

Sarah admits, a few days he felt much happier because of how much support to it. According to him, Chocolate is not just based on vocals, but rather to his own music. Fun was continued, although there are few complaints from their fans.

"Some of today in social networking much to complain about the new vocalist Chocolate. But after seeing how we look, finally understood and they provide support after seeing and listening to our songs," added Ernest.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kecelakaan Kostum Bagian dada Kelly Rowland Terlihat

Kecelakaan Kostum Bagian dada Kelly Rowland Terlihat

Vocalist Kelly Rowland (30) crashed the stage costumes when he appeared in West Orange, New Jersey (USA), so that the chest appear.

In the last week (8/7/2011), a former personnel vocal group Destiny's Child is singing in clubs 46Sixty6, West Orange, New Jersey. He was wearing a dominatrix-style outfit, complete with baggy pants on the calf.

The problem came when he was presenting the song "Motivation". Without realizing it, the chest on his costume was drawn up. So there it his chest.

After that embarrassing moment, Rowland wrote in his Twitter account and consider it as a joke. "New Jersey crowd was amazing! Hope you enjoyed the show and did not mind the peekaboo LOL! # Kanyeshrug # stuffhappens," wrote Rowland, who would become one of the contest judges glass screen English The X-Factor.
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Foto Hot Sara Wijayanto | Digosikan Selingkuhan Demian

Foto Hot Sara Wijayanto | Digosikan Selingkuhan Demian

As is known, Demian rumored affair with an adult magazine model, Sara Wijayanto. However, managers Demian, Hasri, denied rumors skewed. Yulia Demian married in 2009. At that time, the status of a widow with Yulia. Bogor artist born July 5, 1977 was previously married to Luvie Triadi in 2004, then divorced January 16, 2008.

Yulia Rachman gave full support to her husband, Demian Aditya, who ketiban rumors of having an affair with a model named Sara Wijayanto. Yulia Rachman allegedly already know the news, but he refused to testify and instead asked in return.

Yulia was later confirmed that the news is just news figment, that does not exist in reality. He considers this news as a temptation, in the midst of his family to practice Ramadan fasting.

Yulia reiterated that the family is already blessed with one child, now runs fine. His family was not in a condition such as being asked reporters.
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Album terakhir Duo Maia | Mahakarya Anak Bangsa

Album Terakhir Duo Maia | Mahakarya Anak Bangsa

The new album will be released after the Lebaran day Duo Maia reportedly was their last album on Sony Music. Understandably, frontman duo Maia, Maia Estianty, is currently diving a lot of business. Maia fear can not fulfill contracts.

There is a dualism of work, if for Sony maybe this will be the last album, because I am too much a business as well.

The point Maia said, the album titled "Masterpiece Children of the Nation" is the last contract with Sony Music. He does not want good relations with record labels that is damaged because it can not fulfill the contract.

As is known, Maia gave birth not just a musician who works in the form of song. He is also busy as an arranger and producer of the orbit of new musicians.

Apparently, Maia is ready with the consequences of working behind the scenes. However, he did not know what the future will be like. "Yes we know the future baseball ever, retreated before the plan even many offers," he said.
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anne Hathaway Pemeran Catwomen di Film Batman

Anne Hathaway Pemeran Catwomen di Film Batman

The latest Batman film will soon enter the production process. The director, Christopher Nolan is eyeing some of the names of artists who will support the film made​​.

For the role of Catwoman in the Batman sequel, entitled 'The Dark Knight Rises', actress Anne Hathaway finally the lucky chosen. Warner Bros. has announced the election of Hathaway to serve as the great enemy of Batman.

For her role as Catwoman, Hathaway had to compete with several other top artists such as the beautiful Keira Knightley, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts. For those of you who are curious about Hathaway's performance in a rigorous style Catwoman outfit, seems to be patient. Because of this new film will be released on July 20, 2012.

Christian Bale stuck with his role as Batman in this latest episode. However, Bale has said this is the last role as a Batman. He has confirmed it and make sure the next episode of Batman, he will no longer be Batman.
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Foto Model Cantik Rini Lovelyluna

Foto Model Cantik Rini Lovelyluna

This beautiful girl named Rini, a senior at the private universities of Jakarta. Besides being a photo model, has recently also become a model video clip one of the band famous.

Rini claimed to be Miss Independent, because he likes to do things independently and on their own, and besides, she is also a "friendly". Sometimes he was melancholy and spoiled by her boyfriend. still according to his confession he was the kind of girl a fashionable and somewhat relaxed.

According to his friends he likes people who're telling you, funny, and really cool.

Rini Lovelyluna biography:
  • Full Name: Rini Lovelyluna
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Hobbies: Karaoke, shopping, traveling
  • Activities: Modelling
  • Favorite Music: Pop
  • Favorite Books: Novels
  • Film Favorites: 3 Idiots
  • Events Favorite TV: Talk Show
  • Favorite Food: Chinese Food
  • Favourite drink: Mineral Water
  • Favorite Hangout Place: Mall
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