Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tak Bercelana Dalam Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo Ditegur

Tak Bercelana Dalam Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo Ditegur

Controversy coloring Miss Universe, who has entered year-to-60. This time it's not about the use of a bikini in one of the judging session, but the act of contestants from Colombia, Catalina Robayo, desperate dressed without wearing underwear.

A photographer takes pictures of action Robayo media while sitting wrapped in orange mini dress. Shots are plastered in a newspaper it clearly tarnished the Miss Universe Foundation officials who gathered at the quarantine location, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

"Colombia should speak up and admonish their representatives to wear panties, what he has done (Robayo) really inappropriate," a source told Fox News.

Miss Universe Foundation president, Paula Shugart, limp when he heard the news from one of his team. "There are plenty of women draped mini dress at the center of attention, but when I saw the photo (action Robayo) on the front page of the newspaper, I was surprised."

Before the case Robayo sticking, events Miss Universe also in the spotlight when the committee returns the bikinis from Brazil Catalina Swimwear that became one of the sponsors. Bathing suit was considered too skimpy to wear the contestants.
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