Friday, September 9, 2011

Heboh Twitter Chantal Della Concetta

Heboh Twitter Chantal Della Concetta

Furor going on twitter due to a misunderstanding involving a former news anchors beautiful, Chantal Della Concetta. Chantal had time to comment on Syahrini news, in one of the entertainment news sites.

Chantal wrote the ASU (Alhamdulillah something). Many react to writing ASU-ya is, given the Java language, asu mean dog.
"Ini ngejek ya, masa ‘ canda?? Gak etis, pun arti singkatannya gak lucu," the response from @ arditamasandy.

When contacted via cell phone on Thursday (8 / 9), Chantal admits he did not mean to insult or ridicule something or someone.

"I'm really sorry about writing me at twitter. I do not intend to write it in Java language, and even I do not know if that means damn it dog, Beneran I dont know if that means," said Chantal at the end of the phone.

"ASU is short. I even do not understand the Javanese language. Sorry to offend," wrote Chantal on twitter account while explaining.

So as not to cause problems, Chantal immediately delete the text. He also apologized and explained that the word is merely an abbreviation that he has made.

"I'm really writing immediately delete it, and I already apologized once when it's offensive. But then again honestly, I guns no intention to insult or offend," she said.

Not only the cons, there are several Chantal follower who can understand these events. "Forgiven for mommi chan2 klo ko mah," writes @ irnatania.

"Yes, thank you once made that can condone this incident, I am so thankful there are those who can understand this misconception heartened. I hope they can tolerate it," said Chantal end.
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