Saturday, September 10, 2011

Foto Tato Stevie Dominique Jollie Pemeran Mati Muda Dipelukan Janda

Foto Tato Stevie Dominique Jollie Pemeran Mati Muda Dipelukan Janda

Tattoos are permanent make Dominique (22), a newcomer to the world the role, not carelessly describe the skin.

The owner's full name, admits she Dominique Jollie first conceptualizing always wanted a tattoo. "It's a tattoo of its lifetime, so I make a tattoo that just means nothing," Dominique said after a press conference in the movie "Mati Muda di Pelukan Janda", in Jakarta, Wednesday (09/07/2011).

Nine tattoos that adorn the skin of one of the finalists election magazine cover girl in 2007 has meaning for him. "Tattoos Ankh symbol is always used as Cleopatra. This one (interest) lily, lily because she likes to buy at home. This Live, Priceless, Diamond. And, which is taken from French, means peace, because it happened to Mama-Peace my name, always reminds me of a Peace was born, "said Dominique.

Meanwhile, a tattoo almost meet back in the film starring Mira Died Young in the embrace of this widow, a pretty sexy. "First tattoo on his back, this Geisha praying. There are women who think Eminem is contemptible. So, I make a Geisha was praying," he explained.

Has nine tattoos, girls born in Bandung, July 29, 1989, it admitted no problem with her ​​parents. "It happens all the tattooed Mama Papa," said Dominique, a Dutch-Sundanese this bloody.
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