Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Foto Sexy Joanna Alexandra

Foto Sexy Joanna Alexandra

Alexandra Arimbi Joanna (born in Jakarta, 23 April 1987, age 24 years) or better known as Joanna Alexandra is a movie player and soap operas, as well as models of Indonesia.

Joanna started her career since junior high school third grade when inadvertently offered a designer Adjie Notonegoro to be a model. Joanna was intended to make clothes in a boutique owned by the famous designer. Jo finally got education for three months, after which it was contracted by the agency's Adjie, Flash.

Early career is now starring in soap opera The Bajaj MD Entertainment production. In the show, playing together Ervan Joanna Naro and Selly Hasan. He was also known to the public through the film Endnotes School. Joanna had horrendous public through her ​​sexy pose in Playboy Indonesia magazine.

In addition to playing the soap opera, Jo was also a star video clips, songs owned by Peterpan, Omelet, Rice, Prince, Galagasi, and the Five Pandavas.
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