Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cut Tari Digosipkan Meninggal Dunia

Cut Tari Digosipkan Meninggal Dunia
Cut Tari name again busy talking on social networking sites. Not related videos hot-shattering, but he reportedly died.

The emergence of the death news Dance Cut begins with a chain message via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which circulated on Wednesday (07/09/2011), which reads: "Inalillahi, obituary of Indonesian artists involved in the case of a video nasty cut dance last breath in the Hospital Medistra Tebet South Jakarta this afternoon at 14:27, cut tari taken one hour prior to the state of unconsciousness, while the treating doctor has not dared to speak what the cause is before the family requested that the bodies autopsied. "

Suddenly alone, singing a number of Twitter users were immediately welcomed the news and confirmed that information. "Seriously cut tary died? Hoax kalii yeee: s" wrote @ WinnyPatty, "BM tary die cut right what -_-"," not ask @ pumpkinpottery.

Rebuttal came from the account owner @ icontalentmgmt, management overshadow Dance Cut. The Cut Tari penyataanya explained that in a healthy condition and is shooting a TV program.

"News @ CUTTARYtweet grief of praise to God is NOT TRUE, this time he was busy filming in the state baik2 & only:)," writes @ icontalentmgmt dismissed these rumors.
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