Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Video Ciuman Desta dan Alyssa Subandono di Youtube

Video Ciuman Desta dan Alyssa Subandono di Youtube

Alyssa Soebandono and Desta Club Eighties seemed to be romantic couple. It is characterized by the circulation of the two intimate videos on Youtube site, titled Alyssa Soebandono N Desta HOLIDAY.

In the video, they record the intimate scenes of both, even kissing lips. Appears, the scene is taken looks very natural, and seems deliberately perpetuated.

"That angel cupid, meaning heart of London, and it has no history, if diceritain long. But the point was demonstrated for the people we love," said Alyssa in audio recorded on video.

Desta was heard asking, "Who do you love?", Which immediately responded by Alyssa with a kiss on the cheek, which continued kissing both lips.

Video uploaded on August 21, is a lot of response, and quite horrendous, considering Alyssa and Desta almost unheard of a love affair between the two.

A similar video Alyssa never circulated in early 2009, involving himself with Purple vocalist, Pasha. However, when it insisted Alyssa admitted that it was not him. Until this news was revealed, both Alyssa and Desta could not be contacted.
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