Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Titi DJ dan Noviar Rachmansyah alias Ovy Bercerai

Titi DJ dan Noviar Rachmansyah alias Ovy Bercerai

Titi Dwijayati / Titi DJ (45) and Noviar Rachmansyah aka Ovy (44) on Tuesday (08/02/2011) via online entertainment site, announced the official breakup of their relationship to the public.

Titi DJ and Ovy, conclude and believe that our brotherly relations would be better for each one, and no longer in the form of a marriage bond.

In a statement, Titi DJ and Ovy deliver the shocking news. "Of course this is very shocking for all the family, fans, friends, partners and media friends. On May 23, 2007 and we married in order to unify our families together".

Our marriage was not only brings together two lovebirds like most, but also try to unite two families: Ovy with 2 children and Titi with 4 children, "they wrote.

Although not unambiguously specify the cause of separation of both, Titi did not dismiss that unites the eight family members in one house is not easy matter.

Together Ovy, Titi lives with her children. They are Salmaa Chetizsa and Salwaa Chetizsa Muchtar Muchtar (twins), Daffa Jenaro Muchtar, Poetry Stephanie Dougherty and Excel, and Keisha.

After separation, Titi and Ovy feel sure, the relationship between them will not be easily swayed. Interconnected in the bonds of friendship will be much more sincere and ideal.

Both also hope that the prayers of family, fans, friends, partners and media friends, who expected to guide them to a better future. "We hope we can all accept what it is now," says Titi.
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