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Si Cantik Dea Tunggaesti | Pengacara Nazaruddin

Si Cantik Dea Tunggaesti | Pengacara Nazaruddin

Dea's profile Tunggaesti Attorney Tim Nazaruddin into the public debate since the appearance of Attorney Tim Dea Tunggaesti Nazaruddin when seen aired on television.

Suspect cases of bribery homestead SEA Games athletes Muhammad Nazaruddin promised to speak, when he moved from the Detention Command Headquarters Brigade (Mako Brimob) Kelapa Dua, Depok, West Java. Nazar is also requested that his wife and children are not disturbed disturbed because ignorant.

"The bottom line in the earlier examination, Mr. Nazaruddin begged his wife and children are not disturbed. And he (Nazar) also begged him transferred from prison Mako Brimob, "said Dea Tungga Esti, a member team of lawyers Nazaruddin, after accompanying the Corruption Eradication Commission examined Nazar, Thursday (18 / 8).

According to Dea, based on the recognition Nazaruddin, the reason for the former Treasurer was asked to move the Democratic Party of Mako Brimob, because it often gets bullied. Nazar depressed there. In a three-hour examination Nazaruddin requested that moved to Cipinang prison or to Tangerang.

"In a subsequent examination, he will begin to talk in terms has been moved from Mako Brimob," adds Dea.

In addition to the transfer request detention, Nazar has also written a letter to the President. In the letter, Nazar ready to declare himself imprisoned, without due process of law to defend their rights. But he begged his wife and children are not disturbed disturbed. According to Nazar, his wife did not know and not related to the case itself.
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