Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kecelakaan Kostum Bagian dada Kelly Rowland Terlihat

Kecelakaan Kostum Bagian dada Kelly Rowland Terlihat

Vocalist Kelly Rowland (30) crashed the stage costumes when he appeared in West Orange, New Jersey (USA), so that the chest appear.

In the last week (8/7/2011), a former personnel vocal group Destiny's Child is singing in clubs 46Sixty6, West Orange, New Jersey. He was wearing a dominatrix-style outfit, complete with baggy pants on the calf.

The problem came when he was presenting the song "Motivation". Without realizing it, the chest on his costume was drawn up. So there it his chest.

After that embarrassing moment, Rowland wrote in his Twitter account and consider it as a joke. "New Jersey crowd was amazing! Hope you enjoyed the show and did not mind the peekaboo LOL! # Kanyeshrug # stuffhappens," wrote Rowland, who would become one of the contest judges glass screen English The X-Factor.
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