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Hot Tia Ivanka | Pacar Baru Steve Emmanuel ?

Hot Tia Ivanka | Pacar Baru Steve Emmanuel ?

Artia Dewi Siregar full name of Tia Ivanka; born in Medan, North Sumatra, 8 September 1978, age 32 years) is an actor who was popular Indonesian woman in the era of the 1990s thanks to her performance in various soap operas on a number of private television station in Indonesia.

Tia began her career as an advertising model. Previously, Tia worked at a clothing store and then turned the work into the housing marketing.

His life changes when offered a model of an ad. After the ad, Tia was offered to play in the soap opera New Pondok Indah, which is directed by the same person with the ad director.

After that the couple's daughter Panusulan Siregar and Syamsiah Lubis is also increasingly in demand. Some soap opera ever played, among others, Blood and Love, Panji manusia Millennium, Honor, Tuyul and Mbak Yul, Rosalinda, and Terajanna.

Opponent that often accompany Tia, one of which is Primus Yustisio (husband soap opera Jihan Fahira), among others, in the soap opera Panji Millennium Man and Honor.

After the success in acting, Tia tries his luck in the world of drag votes. Under the banner of Amartya 8, Tia vocals combine with Didi Rachman, Anjasmara, Gunawan, and Anggi. Albums that have release titled Love.

Although initially their relationship to opposition from parents because of religious differences, Tia eventually married male American citizen, George Manuel Sotello, on February 13, 2005.

Blessing of the parents Tia given after George is determined to convert to Islam. Because did not speak Indonesian or Arabic, then the consent granted conducted in English. From this marriage, they had one son, Micah Jayden Sotello (born June 3, 2007). The couple eventually divorced.

Now after a long absence reportedly terdengan, Tia in gossiping about dating Steve it is because they often bump into the street together. For example, the couple was seen together watching a movie 'Fast Five' at Studio XXI, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Jakarta, Saturday (08/20/2011). They both look quite intimate. When the movie came out, Steve took the hand soap star 'Tuyul and Mbak Yul' it.

Is it true that Steve and Tia now has a special relationship?
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