Sunday, August 7, 2011

Foto Model Cantik Rini Lovelyluna

Foto Model Cantik Rini Lovelyluna

This beautiful girl named Rini, a senior at the private universities of Jakarta. Besides being a photo model, has recently also become a model video clip one of the band famous.

Rini claimed to be Miss Independent, because he likes to do things independently and on their own, and besides, she is also a "friendly". Sometimes he was melancholy and spoiled by her boyfriend. still according to his confession he was the kind of girl a fashionable and somewhat relaxed.

According to his friends he likes people who're telling you, funny, and really cool.

Rini Lovelyluna biography:
  • Full Name: Rini Lovelyluna
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Hobbies: Karaoke, shopping, traveling
  • Activities: Modelling
  • Favorite Music: Pop
  • Favorite Books: Novels
  • Film Favorites: 3 Idiots
  • Events Favorite TV: Talk Show
  • Favorite Food: Chinese Food
  • Favourite drink: Mineral Water
  • Favorite Hangout Place: Mall
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