Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camel Petir Hot Foto

Camel Petir Hot Foto

Through a rigorous selection process, the artist singer Camel Thunderstorms will named her as 'Queen of Boxing Professional' version of the Professional Boxing Commission of Indonesia (KTPI) led by the famous lawyer Ruhut Sitompul, Sunday (24/07) in Studio 5 TVRI Senayan, Jakarta.

Dangdut singer with the original name Camelia Panduwinata Lubis, setting aside its competitors namely Yunni artist Shara, Manohara and Agnes Monica.
Choice fell on the Camel Lightning due consideration for three years, is familiar with the community of professional boxing in the country.

Camel Lightning socializing artist who will be crowned as' Queen of Professional Boxing ", added Yance, a positive response from Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo and Kadisorda Ratiyono, Saturday (07/23). "The two officials had agreed, the era of performance-related momentum Indonesia," he explained.

Meanwhile, the artist born in Medan October 27, 1986, Camel Lightning, expressed its readiness to hold the title as 'Queen of Professional Boxing'. "I am also ready if you have to do a road show to a few areas, mainly to introduce more professional boxing in order to attract the younger generation," he said.

The singer who among them ever bringing forth album dangdut house 'Ya Iyalah', 'Godain Gwe Donk', 'Aku Sudah Tau, Say', agrees with the vision, mission, and commitment from KTPI.
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