Monday, August 8, 2011

Album terakhir Duo Maia | Mahakarya Anak Bangsa

Album Terakhir Duo Maia | Mahakarya Anak Bangsa

The new album will be released after the Lebaran day Duo Maia reportedly was their last album on Sony Music. Understandably, frontman duo Maia, Maia Estianty, is currently diving a lot of business. Maia fear can not fulfill contracts.

There is a dualism of work, if for Sony maybe this will be the last album, because I am too much a business as well.

The point Maia said, the album titled "Masterpiece Children of the Nation" is the last contract with Sony Music. He does not want good relations with record labels that is damaged because it can not fulfill the contract.

As is known, Maia gave birth not just a musician who works in the form of song. He is also busy as an arranger and producer of the orbit of new musicians.

Apparently, Maia is ready with the consequences of working behind the scenes. However, he did not know what the future will be like. "Yes we know the future baseball ever, retreated before the plan even many offers," he said.
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