Saturday, July 16, 2011

Video YouTube Shinta- Jojo | Hamil duluan

Video YouTube Shinta- Jojo | Hamil duluan

Being a superstar does not have a capital of a great voice, super beautiful face, and big capital. Shinta and Jojo, the two girls are popular thanks to Poison conch video is proof. He became a superstar on the website in just a short time. Exactly the same as Justin, a teenage artist is currently popular in the United States.

Justin, 16 years old singer who always makes hysterical teenagers were initially a nobody. He did have a singing talent. But, he only "player" local class. Justin had won the second in a singing contest in her town. Pattie Mallette, Justin's mother, Justin's record appearance in the contest and then uploading them to YouTube. Initially, it's just fun to family and friends can watch. (Conch Poison Go International). Apparently, the popularity of Justin flying from here.

Fun, it also experienced Shinta and Jojo. "At first just for fun anyway," said Jojo. He had been friends with Shinta from high school. Then about a month ago, Jojo singing together for fun recording the scene Shinta premises at his home in Cimahi. Capital is only webcam on the laptop.

It turned out that fad is like a snowball. Armed with advice sohibnya, Jojo upload it via the Youtube site. Lapse of three days, the video was graced an internet forum and make a scene.

Once popular with lipsinc video was uploaded on YouTube last year. Now Shinta - Jojo latest re-upload the video of the song Pregnant lipsinc Here Too. This video uploads as of May 23, and has now reached the total download / broadcast impressions and continues to increase. With Remix rhythm and lyrics are so hilarious, the song Pregnant Oldest contain a moral message that is identical to the young people now who fall promiscuity.
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