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Uli Auliani Hot

Uli Auliani Hot

Uli Auliani (born in Bandung, West Java, 20 November 1985, age 25 years) is the female lead Indonesia.

Uli becoming known for her role in movie Ghost Island Mascot and 2. It is also known as the presenter of infotainment Kroscek that aired on Trans TV. Previous Uli also starred in the film director Hanny Saputra, Virgin (2004) and filmed horror film director Hanung Bramantyo, Legenda Sundel Bolong (2007).

Artist who was associated with Robert Sean King, who was also close to the artist Rahma is proving the quality of his acting on the big screen. Even during the year 2008 he played in four films, Ghost Island 2, Asoy Geboy, Boy Wonder, and Satan anonymous. The newest, sexy-looking artist who often played in the movie Satan Pocong Homes in early 2009.

Uli Auliani have sensitive skin. No wonder the second movie star's ghost island's most feared and hated when bitten skin. Bitten anyone?

"Lack of there. One of them, the skin I was really sensitive. For example, if each bitten by mosquitoes, would immediately be marked wound really. Sometimes shame if his skin like a scratch," he said when met in Menteng, Central Jakarta, recently .

The disadvantage is compounded by the careless attitude of Uli. Movie star scandal still playing with a pet cat that often scratch.

"I have a cat, a dog. If you play claw-scratches must have the scars. Maybe it's shortcomings. One thing I avoid, especially since I'm clumsy. I like to hit a wall, feet often get the motor exhaust, keserempet car," he explained
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