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Tiara Lestari Telah Bercerai

Tiara Lestari Telah Bercerai

Shocking news came from a former cover model of the Spanish edition of Playboy Magazine, Tiara Ayu Lestari. Since three weeks ago, her marriage to Andy Sharif, has ended in the courtroom of the Religious (PA) South Jakarta.

"Yeah right we are divorced. The decision about three weeks ago. Now I am a single parent," so said the woman was born in Solo, October 10, 1980, told reporters on Wednesday (13/07/2011).

Tiara expressed that the decision to divorce is based on the decision together. "So good we got divorced, there's no good fighting it comes to children or inheritance. All went well and we are still interconnected, especially with regard to the child's problems. Children who care for us both," he said.

Tiara reluctant to explain in detail the causes of divorce, because he said nothing to disclose to the public. "Everything has been done in a good way, so nobody should be prying brought up again," he said.

"We're still on good terms. Despite the separation, our homes are still close together. It's for kids too, let him not be too surprised with this condition. So, if every time he needs a father, so easy," said Tiara.

Rania Kancana Tadya Dalima Sjarief, the daughter of this month only child who turns 4 years old, described Tiara, still do not understand about the actual conditions. "With this incident, we understand the child will be affected. But, this is probably the best way for us and we provide understanding slowly," said Tiara.

Ayu Tiara lestari profile:
Tiara Ayu Lestari (was born in Solo, October 10, 1980) was an Indonesian womanmodel who had a career as a model both domestically and overseas. He also usually called Amara. He was shocked Indonesia around August 2005 when news came that he was posing hot in some foreign magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse.

Since childhood, Tiara has mennyuaki modeling. In 1998, the eldest of three siblings was selected as a finalist Cover Girl Aneka Yess. Six years later, with determination to achieve international fame, Tiara went to Singapore. There he joined the SingaporeTeam Models Agency. It was there, he met with Adam Yurman, a photographer from the United States are often photographed model with sexy pose.

Together with Adam, Tiara began to spread his wings and had twice appeared in men's magazines, Penthouse published by Thailand and the Netherlands. Tiara has also appeared in a local magazine cover, December 2004 edition of Male Emporium. A yearlater he was crowned as the sexiest woman in the ME version (Male Emporium) in 2005.

In 2005, Tiara Indonesia sounded horrendous news about hot pose for the cover of Playboy magazine (Spain) in August 2005 issue. Early 2006 Tiara back to Indonesiaand left his international career after the disappointment treat the mother of her pose.

In February 2006, held a photo exhibition Tiara Kalake Ayang work. Tiara also tested the world of drag votes. This time as evidence that Tiara has turned a new page. Tiarainvited by Baron former guitarist Gigi Band to engage in religious album titled Baronand Shakila featuring 12 artists in the song titled "Beautiful Night", a song with the lyricsbeautifully themed evening prayer or tahajud.Bulan April 2007, released his book TiaraTiara Lestari : Stories Uncut: Playboy, mother & caravan.
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