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Terry Putri | Presenter Infotainment Hot

Terry Putri | Presenter Infotainment Hot

Enani Naharyana Terry Putri (born in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, December 1, 1979; age 31 years) is a television presenter, advertising star, actress and host in the country. He plays the body 158 cm and a Muslim.

He was the third son of the couple H. Yusrip Enaniey (late) and H. Tiny Yusrip, older brother named Eka Putra Yulianda Enani and married a woman named Julita. Also has a sister named Dewi Oktaviana Enani Princess and married with Irwan Wahdi and has a sister named Princess Adina Jeananiey.

Terry had a relationship with Aldi Bragi, but this relationship foundered. May 2009, the official Terry has a new lover, namely Rully Johan, an old friend. not long courtship they eventually married.

Terry's daughter still has not given up to get the child. This infotainment presenter intends to undergo artificial insemination program.

Artificial insemination is the process of placing the sperm in the female reproductive organs in order to achieve a pregnancy. Insemination should be performed on the most fertile period of a woman, ie, 24-48 hours before ovulation occurs.

"Maybe after the second year or 2012, we are thinking of a new artificial insemination. But to try IVF later was," Terry said when met at Senayan City, Jakarta, recently.

Terry actually almost resigned. However, determination and a strong desire to make the couple married two years is still struggling to get the baby.

While continuing to try, the wife of Johan Rully can only pray to get a baby. He was sure, God has a way of giving happiness in her marriage.

"I believe God has set all. Maybe I'm still none the less. If from baseball activity is also a problem. For me, it's God's blessing. Work and children's blessing," he concluded.
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