Monday, July 18, 2011

Pernikahan Tina Talisa | Presenter TV

Pernikahan Tina Talisa | Presenter TV

TV presenter Tina Talisa married officially back with her ​​lover, businessman Aminur Okta Jaya. Wedding held at Hotel Nikko, Jakarta, Sunday (7/17/11) afternoon. His marriage also took place smoothly and solemnly.

Own wedding procession takes place with Sundanese traditional homelands in accordance with Tina came from. Tina had been married before, had begged her parents for permission to marry a second time. He also spoke with tears could not resist touching.

"Father-Mother, Tina apologize for the mistake and an oversight that she did all this. Both intentional and unintentional. Tina sincerity beg papa to deign to act as guardian for and married her future husband with Tina, Jaya Okta Amrinur amir bin Yahya. Tina please prayer Tina blessing household may receive blessings of Allah Almighty, "Tina said.

Performed by the prince of his second marriage from KUA Menteng, Central Jakarta. Chairman of the Democratic Party, Anas Urbaningrum act as a witness of the groom. Meanwhile, Tina is also passed off by his superiors Nurjaman on TV One.

The event continued with a reception ceremony on the evening of the same place. Some invitations from politicians also attended the reception is.
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