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Master Chef Ririn Marinka

Master Chef Ririn Marinka

Marinka Chef or Mary Irene Susanto, born in Jakarta, March 22, 1980 was the only woman in the event the Master Chef Master Chef Indonesia, he is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney Australia, who thinks that creativity and imagination are essential elements to become a chef . After years of digging in study abroad, and several times to develop his career in the culinary world, he eventually returned to Indonesia. For those who never watched the show Cooking in Paradise in Trans7 chef must know this beautiful figure. Previously, he hosts the fork Spoon in JakTV.

Since childhood, women are born with the full name of Maria Irene Susanto already noticed her mother's hobby of cooking in the kitchen. From there, came a very deep interest to wrestle the world of cooking that drove him to become a professional chef.

Marinka hobby chef had cooked it by opening a cafe "Warung Ceplok Egg" in 2005 in the region Fatmawati, South Jakarta. Price menus are sold between 20,000 to 35.000an. But, because mistakenly apply the marketing concept, stall only lasted 1.5 tahun.Mulanya Marinka develop his career in Australia, but later he decided to return to the homeland with a special mission, namely to introduce Indonesia to the international cuisine.

Selected as one of the Master Chef Master Chef for marinka Indonesia is one of pride since he became the youngest jury and will be coupled with Juna and Vindex. But this does not make her self-confidence diminished. For her age is not the benchmark of one's abilities, as well as the belief in the emergence of Indonesia Masterchef program for the first time in Asia. "I believe that the presentation and taste of a dish is just as important and this applies to even the simplest dishes," said Marinka.

With cooking, this white woman can enjoy life more. Moreover, if he found a new formula of innovation and in creating dishes favored by many people.
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