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Jadwal Konser David Foster di Indonesia

Jadwal Konser David Foster di Indonesia

Producer, musician, songwriter, television host from Canada, David Foster, will return trip to Indonesia in a new series of world tour, The Hitman Returns. This time he came not himself, but the entourage of other musician friends.

"Moving from a background in public interest so great to see David Foster and yesterday are still many who do not see, we bring him back," said promoter BlackRock Entertainment, Krishna Radhitya, in Arcadia Plaza, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (15/7/2011 ).

Last year, 16-time Grammy Award winner is giving a concert in Jakarta titled "Hitman-A Special Evening with David Foster." Unlike the previous concerts, the concert will be held at Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (28/10/2011), the inventor of talent will bring different partners, such as Michael Bolton, Charice, Philip Bailey, and Russell Watson, along with other supporting artists.

"Total possible there are about 40 people from David Foster to be here. The struggle is not easy to bring him. We will try to sell the ticket prices as cheap as possible so that more accessible to many people (compared to last year)," said Krishna.

Foster planned to be on stage for about two hours. "For detailed technical matters have not been too much discussed. Maybe two weeks before the concert arrives will be notified about any song that will be brought," he said.

David's concert this time will be divided into five different classes, namely the stands I (Rp 900,000), the stands II (IDR1.500.000), silver (IDR 2.500.000), gold (IDR 4.000.000), and platinum (IDR 6.000.000).

On the occasion, the promoter also plans to hold a Born to Sing Asia to parts of Indonesia. "If so, there will be two people in Indonesia who gig in the show Foster, competed captured the hearts of the legendary musician," said Krishna.
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