Friday, July 15, 2011

FotoTato Widi Vierra

FotoTato Widi Vierra

Wednesday (6 / 7) spread the news about the band's vocalist Vierra, sexually abused last night. According to a busy news spread through the fuel, Widy was held captive and raped by several men.

It happened his own place in Kemang area. Widy currently undergoing counseling with the South Jakarta Police's facilitated and also do reporting for acts that happened to him.

Three men who kidnapped Widi in the Kemang area on Wednesday (07/06/2011) last night and did not know if the victim is a vocalist Vierra. But tattooing became evident Widi Vierra's band.

"He said 'you Vierra brother?" I said I Widi, vocalist. She said again "What can you proof it? Where are you right tattoo?" I left a tattoo, after it is released, "Gomez said when met at the South Jakarta Metro Police on Friday (15/07/2011).

Widi said the incident very quickly. It was Widi which uses a white shirt and shorts suddenly locked into the car of the kidnappers who numbered B 1040.

"It was pretty fast and dark. And it's really dark, if he (they) do not know, yes because it was dark. And it happened really fast," he explained.

Widi also revealed the reason he could until morning, he thought he could make a lot of activities that are long on the outside. Until now, even the Widi not know who the perpetrators who have been kidnapped.
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