Monday, July 11, 2011

Foto Seksi Dewi Perssik Saat Adegan Mandi

Foto Seksi Dewi Perssik Saat Adegan Mandi

Dewi Persik back to being the spotlight. Once bustling with the news about the operation of virginity, now turn to the photos section is an outstanding artist in cyberspace. Goddess is still not willing to comment on that picture.

Photos of sexy shower scene and the Goddess as wearing only a thin white cloth and adorned the chest shows the internet recently. Goddess already know the photos.

"He knew about the photos from yesterday. Is the Goddess? All I know think so," said Chandra, cousin Goddess.

The images are said to be a cut scene in the latest film titled Goddess 'Pacar Hantu Perawna'. Chandra explained Goddess claimed not to know who circulated the photographs.

"He did not know and do not want to comment," he said, explaining if the Goddess was still sleeping and resting.
Goddess does not want to discuss the photos that hot. In a personal twitter account, the singer of 'Stealth' is saying now is not the right time to discuss the matter.

"There's time I discuss later, this time we prepare ourselves ahead of ramadhan.Mari bersam do not discuss that yet," writes Dewi on account twiiternya @ dewiperssik12.

This is not the first time, exciting pictures of the former wife of Jamil's Saipul circulating in cyberspace. Previously, images of sexy had already graced the internet. At that time, Goddess admitted if the woman posing hot it is her.
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