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Foto Ratu Felisha | Edisi Liburan ke Bali

Foto Bikini Ratu Felisha | Edisi Liburan ke Bali

Old does not appear in the entertainment world, the Queen Felisha this time is trying to explore a new world of drag votes. Perhaps no one knows and this is also the first time he showed to the public.

But the woman who nicknamed this Feli said that if singing is his hobby since long. And with the offer of a producer da not hesitate to accept it.

"Actually, I just sang it a hobby for a long time and happened to Mas Andrew I've been offered so I grab wrote," he said when met while recording at Blok M Plaza, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (10 / 5).

Andrew Darmoko as the producer had previously tested with sebauh songs from Dian Pramana Putra. Andrew necessarily interested in the result contracted directly Feli 3 albums for 5 years. Andrew himself is also very suited to the basic of Feli own.  "I see it packagingnya Feli is complete and the ability she had dared to entertain the total, he could entertain," he explained.

Feli was confident with his decision in the world of tennis. He knew the risks that will be accepted and many people will assume that what was done by Feli is because there is a chance. "As if considered because there is a chance, because there are likes and dislikes. But I'm sure with the ability to me," he explained.

Ratu Felisha name became known publicly at this beautiful girl posing hot in the men's magazine FHM. Sexy girl born October 16, 1982 is also often hot posing with her friends, though all is done only as a private collection rather than public consumption, but because of the annoyance of a friend, photos of hot Queen spread on the internet and so many people hunting.

He began his career as a model, a woman who is more familiarly called Feli has starred in several soap operas, although his name began to soar when he played in the movie "BURUAN CIUM GUE", which had invited criticism of various circles in 2004, it is considered to have a bad influence on young people. Even then famous preacher Aa Gym derail the title to 'Buruan Zinahi Gue!'

Owner crown tattoo on his back, and the chain of tattoo images on the left ankle and a hidden place already has an adopted daughter named Dasha Godiva, which has been regarded as his own daughter.

Feli name again adorn the media in late 2006, when he was involved in the beating case Andika, who also loved jazz singer Andien. Although Feli and Andika have agreed to terms, but remains accountable for his actions Feli legally.

Having established the love for four years with a male dutch nationality, REAL LOVE indie film star is steadily removing the bachelor on December 24, 2008. Feli married by her lover, Jules Korsten at the Mosque of Imam Bonjol, South Jakarta.

Inayah star in February 2010, the re-release of his latest film. Film with the horror genre today titled The "KAIN KAFAN PERAWAN".
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