Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Foto Julia Perez Berbikini di Bank | Bali

Foto Julia Perez  Berbikini di Bank | Bali

Breaking news coming back from Julia Perez (Jupe). A photograph shows with cool jupe entered a bank in Bali with only a bikini.

Events that occurred last month it began when Jupe sunbathing on a beach in Bali with his girlfriend, Gaston Castano. When about to pay for food and drink, the singer is aware of Belah Duren was not carrying cash. As a result, Goyang Karawang Souls movie star went to the nearest ATM. Unfortunately for Jupe, ATM machine swallowed his card on Friday when the bank closed more quickly.

"That time again to bask in the same place, eating drinking, no cash, no cards only. Continue to ATMs in that area also. Then lights off, swallowed his cards. So straight to the nearest bank," said Jupe is found after trial in East Jakarta District Court, Jalan Ahmad street, East Jakarta, Tuesday (07/12/2011).

When he reached the bank, Jupe immediately make all visitors and employees of the bank ruckus. They were shocked not only because of the presence of famous celebrities, as well as Jupe was wearing a bikini. It utilized a rare moment to pose with a bank employee Jupe.

"It was the same Gaston who wear a swimsuit only. Jump into it to the bank to wear a bikini. His name is also accident. So the pictures of all. Because I have dared to wear a bikini to the bank," he said laughing.
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