Thursday, July 7, 2011



Not long ago, Victoria Beckham said that he did not want to take pictures Hot big when pregnant, like other celebrities. However, it seems that David Beckham could not resist the urge to show off her protruding belly is quietly posting the images of Victoria through Facebook.

LA Galaxy star footballer is willing to take risks wrath of Victoria, which will soon give birth within the next few days. Unbeknownst to Victoria, Beckham put a photograph of his wife who is only wearing a bikini and showing belly.

"I took this photo of Victoria when he did not see. He looked very impressive, now very close to the birth of her baby," Beckham wrote.

In this black and white photo, former Spice Girls who now works as a designer was wearing a skirt that is open and a dark-colored bikini top plus sunglasses. This photo was taken just days after Beckham Victoria refused recognition photographed when pregnant.
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