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In a press conference on Monday (6/27/2011) on one of the cafes in the area of ​​Kuningan, Jakarta, ahead of the release of his latest film, Dewi Persik, or DP could show proof that he had undergone surgery hymen.

Accompanied by KK Dheraj, producer of the latest movie starring DP, Virgin Ghost boyfriend, who financed the operation hymen DP, the artist's role and dangdut singer shows two sheets of mica paper and plastics containing the negative image of her hymen surgery. "This proves it. On the sheet (of paper) is the first description of the Goddess of the hospital last April were treated almost a week. There's also a (picture of operating results) negative. It (the second sheet of paper), my search results with (artist's role) Vicky Vette for the location of a good operation, "explained Dheraj.

Recorded on the first sheet, DP hymen surgery in As Salam International Hospital. Unwritten city where the hospital is located. However, a search through Google shows that the hospital is located in Cairo (Egypt). He entered the hospital on April 8, 2011. "I came here (to testify) baseball would want if not accompanied by the producers who have financed my operation. I do not just talk. There is one person say, Dewi Persik liar or omdo (doang way). I have strong evidence here , "said DP.

In a press conference, the DP also expressed thanks and gratitude for the realization of his wish to undergo surgical hymen. "Again, this is not a fake hymen surgery. Behold, I went through surgery virgin, I'm from, the first since the video clip 'Secretly', had no desire virgin surgery. I happened to meet with families and realized already. It turns out, thank God be operating free, can be an 1 M (Rp 1 billion) more, "said DP.
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