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Daus "Mini" | Achmad Firdaus Menikah

Daus "Mini" | Achmad Firdaus Menikah

Achmad Firdaus or familiarly called Agus Mini finally married. The owner of the body and form are still like little children, women's choice to edit Yunita Lestari. Wife's wedding was held in the region in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Sunday (17 / 7).

The wedding was held in a simple. "At first it did not want big party. Just the same brother ajah close friends. But yes there are infotainment like this, so to know deh man," Daus said in a voice hoarse.

Wearing a black suit, Daus looked a little nervous when pronouncing consent granted before the prince. In fact he had mispronounced consent granted, although it was well Daus managed to say.

On the way to the residence of the bride's parents, his extended family Daus accompanied by traditional Betawi. He brought 26 kinds of equipment Seserahan them women and do not miss the crocodile bread as a symbol of fidelity in traditional Betawi. Daus give dowry in the form of money amounting to Rp 2,100,100 neatly arranged in a frame.

Certainly not without reason Yuni willing to marry Daus. According to Yuni, Dice is a very good person even though the public knows him as a witty person. Likewise with the Dice is proudly claim as Yuni could receive him. Dice is known as a comedian. Though petite, but the Dice on the list of 5 persons of short stature are lucky Indonesia kaskus version.

In the family line, only Daus who was short. While his siblings have normal stature. Mini Dice height 102cm with a body weight of only 15kg. Daus was born in Jakarta, 3 April 1987.
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