Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chef Hot Flora Cheung

Chef Hot Flora Cheung

Many ways to hook the audience in pursuit of ratings exorbitant. In Hong Kong, for instance, one television station even make a spectacle that makes men stay awake. The name of the show, Icefire Kitchen. Delivers hot model and actress from Hong Kong, Flora Cheung, as the chef (chef).

We want the men to learn how to cook, cooking with her partner and found a new passion in life. Problem is not finished cooking the main menu. But the producers actually accentuate Cheung as wares. Yes, the 26-year-old star whose name was shining it acted as a chef. Only, while bringing his show, Cheung often appeared to flirt with her clothes.

The presence of those impressions, had led to the pros and cons. A number of people assessing the spectacle is very ignorant and just sell the sheer lust. Criticism and blasphemy was posted to Cheung.

But Cheung budge. He did not care to talk public. After all, he says, he was quite comfortable with what dilakoninya.  "Some people think that these foul ways to earn money, but I do not agree with that notion. This is just a show. People are responding to a variety of my cooking show. There are positive, there is also a negative. But because the pros and cons of this, I became famous, "Cheung says proudly.

Graduated from Sydney University's computer science is even claimed that Dihadirkannya groundbreaking cooking show unique and daring. "We want the men to learn how to cook, cooking with her partner and found a new passion in his life," beber Cheung.

Although diatribe addressed to her that the action related, it plans to continue Cheung digagasnya event was the coming years. "We will continue over many episodes Icefire Kitchen in coming years," he said.

Through the event's program, Cheung began famous name. For 13 years he settled in Australia. In recent years, he decided to pursue a career in his hometown as a model and movie star.

As preached Cheung claimed to love his job as a model and movie player. He even admitted to not hesitate to pose challenging and engaging film that little hot. "No problems during that scene instead of a real scene. If just appear innocent, I'm not so uncomfortable," he said.
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