Friday, July 8, 2011

Briptu Norman Kamaru Ditangkap Provos Saat Syuting

Briptu Norman Kamaru Ditangkap Provos Saat Syuting

Provos Team Police Headquarters 'scoop' Brigadier Norman Kamaru was filming in Jakarta. Norman Police Headquarters to ask permission from his superiors for that activity.

"Yesterday we pick to be asked for clarification," said Head of Internal Security Division Propam Police Headquarters, Brig Budi Waseso to, Friday, July 8, 2011.

Budi said, after clarification, Norman could not show the permission of his superiors to undergo a series of shooting events in Jakarta. "Apparently he has not received permission from his superiors," he said.

Budi said, Norman is not in a position to leave work. Because, the police who came to fame after singing the song through lypsinc Chayya-chayya it also can not show the letter sabbatical. "He's no letter sabbatical. The question can not show the letter," he said.

Norman Kamaru is scheduled to undergo a number of filming in Jakarta. He is scheduled to appear on several television shows. Unfortunately, that agenda should be disturbed because he had not pocketed the permission of his superiors.
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