Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aksi Kontroversial Model Putri Mantan Presiden AS, Ronald Reagan | Patti Davis

Aksi Kontroversial  Model Putri Mantan Presiden AS, Ronald Reagan | Patti Davis

Daughter of former U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, reckless conduct controversial action at the age of 58 years stepped on.

Davis hot posing in the June issue of More magazine. Davis said the campaign was as a form of health and beauty at all ages. Hot posing in public becomes a victory for Davis. It's a marker that the fight against death at the age of adolescence successfully. In old age, he was still able to show her body toned and healthy.

Past Davis who struggle with drug addiction for years. Opium experienced since age 15 that make physical health deterioration and extraordinary.

Davis, who was then aged 20-something years start to think to restore the body and health. He also came to the gym. First entered the gym, he saw a picture of a sexy hot-bodied woman. "I looked at it, She was very confident and proud, with muscles toned, and beautiful. I thought, someday I want to be like that, not now, but someday," Davis said in an interview with a magazine.

After going through a series of physical therapy and exercise, Davis began to recover. At the age of 42 years, the dream was finally realized. Davis accepted an offer to pose in magazines Khsusus hot men, Playboy. and Facing much criticism.

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