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Aida Saskia 25-year-old singer, about nine years ago, was sticking out through song dangdut music scene Rooster. It was still sitting in the High School (SMU), but its popularity has been on the wind. Suddenly, his name disappeared just like that, like being swallowed frenetic world of entertainment. Introduction to a great Zainuddin MZ bring about change that never imagined.

"I met while singing at the top to fill the event, held an organization. At that time I told that friend would come Zainuddin MZ. But I do not believe, for she was the great preachers, it is impossible to come to the event entertainment like that. But it turns out he bener come, "said Aida Saskia in Tebet Jakarta on Monday (4 / 10) night, started the story of meeting with preachers that a million people.

Since then Aida Saskia confessed got wind to meet the famous preacher. When finished filling out an event, she had a chance to eat together. Especially when the girl born in Bogor, West Java had not yet had time to eat lunch, because after school rushed to the location.

"So fitting event is finished singing, has been prepared to space meals. Where I eat, pack dai also eating, he began approaching wonder, until he asked for a phone number with the reason he wants to invite me sing. For business reasons I love phone number, "she added. A few days of the event, go Aida Saskia, suddenly the cleric called an entirely unexpected. At that time parents Aida also had to ask who is calling, but once given out if Zainuddin MZ who want to stay in touch, a father simply permit.
"And all along that my dad never let a guy come around to the house, perhaps because she, the famous religious scholars, became a proud daddy could also make people coming for him," she said.

In the end a relationship with Saskia Aida Zainuddin MZ, and tell the siri marriage at a very young age. Even for the wedding Zainuddin willing to divorce his two previous wives, and Hajah Siti Khairunisa Rostiati to get a girl who was then 17 years old. This story is actually not a new story, because it had spread a scene in several media infotainment. But just a mere gossip and lost over time. While Aida Saskia convinced that he is the victim.
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