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DARAH GARUDAis the second film of the trilogy,MERAH PUTIH who have earned applause. The film was presented by Indonesia's PT Media Village Hashim Djojohadikusumo and produced by Margate House Films, led by Rob Allyn. Directed by Yadi Sugandi and Conor Allyn, GARUDA BLOODMERAH PUTIH made on the success, the film makes box office sensation in 2009 and watched by millions of viewers in theaters. Screened at various international film festivals and film markets, including Pusan, Berlin and Cannes; war saga has sold well in cinema, TV, DVD, Video Download mapun in other forms of copyright in over 10 countries including Britain, Germany, Ireland, Austria , Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

An epic and full of action thriller that occurred in Java during the War of Independence in 1947, DARAH GARUDA follow a group of heroic guerrilla army portrayed brilliantly by the actors talented top Indonesian (Donny Alamsyah, winner Best Actor for the film MERAH PUTIH at Film Festival Bandung 2010, with T. Rifnu Wikana, Lukman Sardi and Darius Sinathrya).

Divided by their secrets in the past and a sharp conflict in terms of personality, social class and religion, the four young men banded together to launch a desperate attack against the camp of the Dutch to save the perempan they love, played by the talented young actress Professional (Rahayu Saraswati, winner of Best Actress at the Bali International Film Festival 2009 for the film RED WHITE; Simpson Nurdin, and Atiqah Hasiholan).

The cadet is connected with the headquarters of General Sudirman where they were given a highly classified assignment behind enemy lines in West Java: a commando-style attack on a vital airfield that can reverse the resistance of the rebels against the injustice that has been done-General Van Mook in August 1947.

This guerrilla group penetrates deep into West Java, where they met with another group of Muslim separatists, as well as new allies and potential treason: spy colonial with its own rank and allied civilians off the streets, and an old enemy who is responsible for Dutch intelligence (played by Alex Komang, Kyai, Ario Bayu as a formidable guerrilla Sergeant Yanto, Atiqah Hasiholan as comfort women are traumatized Lastri, Rudy Wowor as Major Dutch Van Gaartner and introduce Aldy Budi Zulfikar as child soldiers).

Surrounded by enemies that surround both the enemy from the outside or from within, these heroes must come together and trust each other as they struggle against the intrigue, infighting, betrayals and the tremendous power of a great European empire, in pursuit of one goal: Independence.

Directed by Yadi Sugandi and Conor Allyn, DARAH GARUDA pair of cinematic expertise Cinematography terhandal Stylists in Indonesia, Yadi Sugandi (Laskar Pelangi, UNDER THE TREE, THE Photograph) by directing the power dynamic of the new star Conor Allyn, who berceritanya skill as a writer and producer MERAH PUTIH trilogy combines drama and action in the way stake-spoken style of motion. Together, Yadi Sugandi and Conor Allyn managed to direct a war saga that living with a grooves quickly on land, sea, and air, which is the greatest epic films and the most professional in the nation's history, filled with action, suspense, surprises and turns, intrigue, romance , humor and dramatic performances by the players who dazzle of the best talents of Southeast Asian cinema.

Dibesut in 35-millimeter format lasted 100 minutes, DARAH GARUDA involving international film industry's best experts in the field of special effects and other technical procedures experienced in the Hollywood film industry. Some, such as Special Effects Coordinator Adam Howarth (Saving Private Ryan, Blackhawk DOWN) and Weapons Expert John Bowring (THE MATRIX, THE THIN RED LINE, AUSTRALIA, WOLVERINE), are veterans in the film RED WHITE. With the new directing team Yadi Sugandi and Conor Allyn, DARAH GARUDAand third film that would later emerge from this trilogy, HEART FREE, bring other experts such as an Oscar nominee for Makeup and Prosthetics Conor O'Sullivan (THE DARK KNIGHT, SAVING Private Ryan, Braveheart), Game Coordinator Scott McLean (THE MATRIX, THE PACIFIC-new sequel of Steven Spielberg / Tom Hanks BAND OF BROTHERS), Assistant Director Andy Howard (FROM HELL, WANTED, Hellboy) and Special Effects Technicians Experts Graham Riddell ( Robin Hood, Batman Begins, Star Wars I, BAND OF BROTHERS, THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN).

Edited by Indonesia's best image editor Sastha Sunu with music by award-winning composer whose music Thoersi Argeswara played by the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra, DARAH GARUDAfeaturing an ensemble cast of the ranks of the stars: Donny Alamsyah (FICTION, 9 NAGA, GIE), Rahayu Saraswati (RED AND WHITE), T. Rifnu Wikana (KADO DAY SO, Laskar Pelangi), Lukman Sardi (QUICKIE EXPRESS, GIE), Astri Nurdin (RED AND WHITE), Darius Sinathrya (UNGU VIOLET, D'BIJIS, Naga Bonar SO 2), Atiqah Hasiholan (Jamila AND THE PRESIDENT, Ruma Maida), Ario Bayu (Laskar Pelangi, FORBIDDEN DOORS), Rudy Wowor (RED AND WHITE, QUICKIE EXPRESS), Alex Komang (Laskar Pelangi, BOYFRIENDS miss the train) and introduce the child actor Zulfikar Aldy.

Winner Best Film, Best Director and Audience Choice at the Bali International Film Festival 2009 and the official selection (official selection) at various film festivals in Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Bangkok,MERAH PUTIH greeted by VARIETY as "a well-made depiction of the birth of Indonesia as a nation where the visual appearance of a strong player and impressive ". "The epic of war that presents a tension that has never happened before ... breathtaking ... astounding, "said the Jakarta Globe newspaper," Donny Alamsyah consistent and brilliant. "Kompas give" Two thumbs ... films that are perfect for Independence Day ... so live with Yadi Sugandi directed, written by Conor Allyn and Rob Allyn, the scenario interwoven with graceful and vividly displays the drama and intrigue ... elean ".

Jakarta Post newspaper said that his pictures "authentic history with action, drama, humor, romance, human tragedy and a strong personal story ... inspire young people ". SCREEN DAILY refer to it as "epic ... The biggest movie in the history of Indonesia ". At Cannes, The Hollywood Reporter says "RED WHITE blue confuse capturing insurgents who fought against oppression Indonesia Netherlands ... This film has won the attention of people in Indonesia and the Pacific ... Type of film saga that evokes the spirit of a burning body,MERAH PUTIH flowed like old movies ... the American warMERAH PUTIH proudly unfurled scoring the music that evokes and inspires, claim composer Thoersi Argeswara ".MERAH PUTIH Java Post calls a "drama reminiscent of Hollywood-style war Indonesian unity, sacrifice and nationalism of the Founding Fathers". While ABOUT INDONESIA simply saying, "Feelings of pride and love for the nation was awakened again after watching this movie."

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