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Sexy Chef. Such people often call Farah Fauzan Quinn or commonly called Farah Quinn. In the early days of the appearance on a television station, many of the comments responding to his appearance. Some like, some are considered one eye. Not a few who doubt the cooking expertise. He is often mistaken as a beautiful and sexy model who pretend to be a good cook. However, the Farah responded casually, "Take the positive side only."

He claimed his life just trying to run with the best of it. Not easy to achieve what has Farah got. All the hard work. Women who like traveling is always made time to find new innovations for cooking recipes. In addition, he also never stop learning.

All of that is also not free from habits that had he lived. As a chef, he often tried different recipes. Farah was a hobby eat. To maintain fitness and beauty of her shape, she is keeping the intake of foods that enter the body.
Farah avoid foods that contain lots of sugar, carbs burned and minimal nutrition, such as white rice and white bread. In its place Farah consume wheat, oatmeal, brown rice. Farah also prefer to eat fruits. Healthy eating patterns also he applied to her baby Armand Fauzan Quinn who is now 2.5 years old.

In addition, he regularly exercising. All that he did since she gave birth. Farah did not want to change her shape. In fact, he deliberately put a wide range of gym equipment on the second floor in her home. When syutingpun, it requires no gym equipment in the area filming. "Many artists spend money to buy makeup or clothes. If I do, the money runs out to buy the gym equipment."

Fit body, according to Farah, is also important to support its activities as a chef. Most people, he said, just look at the "glamorous" life chef. In fact, in reality the job also requires excellent muscle. For example, in many cases he must undertake its own when it comes to raising wheat or other foodstuffs heavy. "So if the question of injury or sliced ​​by hand I've experienced all."

Bachelor of Finance

Farah was born in Bandung, April 8, 1980. His childhood in Sumatra, he often spent to assist the mother in the kitchen. Remove the high school, Farah continued studying Finance at Indiana University Of Pennsylvania, United States. Programs that really did not want him to enter. It's known he preferred to learn the recipes instead of studying economics. But then, the brown-skinned woman is sure, his wish would be opposed by the father. That's why Farah decided to take the finance department.

After successfully completing his bachelor degree, Farah took the decision. It will only work for something that he liked. Bids continue S2 from the father was denied.

Farah admitted that he was not typical office workers. That's why Farah started her career at Lydia's Pittsburgh, a famous Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He also continued his studies at the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute and take a pastry class.

After graduating, Farah moved to Phoenix, Arizona. He then worked at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. Farah also had time to follow the World Pastry Championship and earn a chance to learn cooking at Chef Ewald Notter and Colette Peters. In 2005, luck brought Farah in the G8 meeting in Sea Island, Georgia. Under the guidance of Chef James Mullaney, he created a special dessert menu. Dessert was served to some people like First Lady Laura Bush and other world delegates.

In 2005, she married Carson Quinn. She and her husband later opened his own restaurant, Camus. The restaurant was awarded 4 stars for the cuisine as well as many other awards. Farah received a lot of fame. Because the restaurant, began to popularize the name Farah. He often appeared in several newspapers and magazines.
One day he showed his portfolio to Helmy Yahya. Famous presenter was interested in and then invited Farah to appear as a guest star in an event. Some time after that Farah was contacted by a TV station. He offered to bring a cooking show. Farah said yes. Farah official Quinnn bring the show "Ala Chef" on Trans TV.

Now, the wife of Carson Quinn, has been reap the rewards of its seriousness in the culinary world. He became a celebrity. His name was more known in Indonesia.
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