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Anita Hara is an advertising model and soap star Indonesia. He was a lot of acting with a role of a protagonist, so the girls graduate of Psychology, University of Atmajaya is not so controversial in acting in sinetronnya.

Born in Jakarta, March 29, 1980, Anita who often appear in this section admits she still wanted to continue learning in terms of acting, including from friends shooting on location.

From acting, to try out the presenter Anita. He is believed to bring the show infotainment "Kasak Kusuk" F1 racing and sporting events.

Not only the world of acting and presenter he jajal. The world did not escape the pull votes from his dream. In 2009, he plans to launch her first album, "DASAR COWOK" with a single key with the title of his album. Although not yet officially released, but the star FEAR OF HUSBAND-WIFE HUSBAND is often performed off the water to be a presenter as well as singing.

In mid-February 2010, the owner of a rose tattoo on the thigh released its first film, "ARISAN BRONDONG".

Since the successful plays Jeng Iskhan a sexy but stern, model and pesinetron Anita Hara (29) now penetrated the world of the big screen. Every curve of her body that invites passion Anita often doubtful because, as the result of plastic surgery.

"The hell there is a wonder like that. Look, everything in my whole body is original, there is a homemade baseball or added-added use of plastic surgery," said Anita told Warta Kota at an event in Plumpang, North Jakarta.

However, brown-skinned woman was admitted proud of her body. She says all of that grace of God.

Anita figure into the conversation because he guides the midnight quiz show presenter and an auto show with minimal clothing, so that her body became the center of attention.

During this time, continued Anita, she never feels sexy. "Actually, sexy and sensual image that's emerged since the opinion of the people. Yes, leave it at that. Sexy or sensual can be seen from a lot of things really. Wear full clothing can be sexy, "said movie actress "Arisan Brondong". Involvement in the film, Anita is recognized as a pleasant experience, although there are scenes of her bikini.

"Because, in a role that is all I do is based on the more comedic scenes. So, nobody tuh show too much, "said the girl who has a tattoo of roses on his right thigh that.
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