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Senk just grateful when he successfully underwent his profession. When asked about the relationship with Fauzi, Senk has always refused to answer.
"Later on well dated January 27," he concluded.

Fauzi Baadilah artist and Senk Lotta finally officially divorced on Wednesday (27/01/2010) in East Jakarta Penggadilan Religion. This verdict was read without the presence of Fauzi at the third trial.
Before IPR knock hammer, Senk was carrying a Caucasian male age as Senk. He witnesses who know chaotic household Senk-Oji.

Senk who met after the hearing, said he felt bore a new status as a widow.
Feelings of sadness and trauma now clung beautiful model from Uzbekistan, Senk Lotta. Because the Mahligai household Baadilah Fauzi was officially over.

Although now is not married but Senk Indonesian people will still Fall in love with Indonesia with all kinds of uniqueness and difference that does not exist in the country of origin makes a beautiful model from Uzbekistan, Senk Lotta, linger at home living in the country 'Sabang-Merauke' this.

The reason that's what makes Senk plans to bring his parents settled in Indonesia. "I like it here. Language, I am also pretty good. I have also many friends here. Yes, I am interested in becoming a citizen of Indonesia (WNI)," said the former wife of actor Fauzi Baadilah it, in between shooting the video clip 'What Wrong 'owned Band Xirus, in the Area Bintaro, South Jakarta, on Friday (17/06/2011).

Recognized Senk, other than friendliness and warmth of Indonesia, weather and food is also a reason. These conditions make Senk linger at home in Indonesia. Quite often, parents are so missed his presence in Uzbekistan. "They asked me to come back. My mother was there I missed once. But this is my life now. I'm happy with my life here," said Senk.

Therefore, also in the minds Senk terbesit desire to bring his parents later to Indonesia. "Often thought of, when it's stable and successful future, pengin bring parents here," he hoped the plan Senk culinary business in Indonesia.
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