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Actor Richard Gere will certainly come to Magelang, Central Java on 25 June. In addition to watching Ballet Masterpieces of Borobudur, he will also tour the Borobudur Temple 3 times.

Movie stars 'Pretty Woman' will be in Indonesia for three days and two nights. Aka The Ballet Masterpieces Borobudur Borobudur Masterpiece of Ballet will be held June 26 at night.

"Starting landed in Jakarta on June 25, 2011 and return to his country on 27 June. It is expected that these efforts are pursued by the tourism ministry to introduce bias Borobudur temple," said Head Unit PT. Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur (PT.TWCB) Pujo Suwarno to detikhot on Friday (17/06/2011).

Arrivals to Indonesia Richard was at the invitation of the Tourism Minister Jero Wacik. He is also scheduled to meet with Wacik in Jakarta.

"After that afternoon, fly to Yogyakarta to meet with the Sultan of Yogyakarta Palace Hamengkubuono X in until the afternoon," said Pujo.

Borobudur Masterpiece Ballet event was also opened to the public to purchase tickets. There are first-class ticket sold tickets to about 400 people in the crowd. To be able to see the show with Richard and dinner with the star, the price is priced USD 10 million.

"To stage Borobudur Masterpiece Sendatari the 11th time this party intentionally added PT.TWCB tariff which was originally three classes to four classes. Class is a class that is added Diamond. Which is the highest grade at the rate of 10 million," explained Pujo.

On June 27 actors who embrace Buddhism is scheduled to perform the ritual Peace Walk (Jalan Damai). In this ritual, Richard will surround Borobudur temple three times while reading parita-parita (Buddhist prayers). He will be accompanied by hundreds bhiku and bhikuni from various temples in Indonesia.

During their stay in Indonesia, the actor who is now 61-year-old will stay at the hotel Amanjiwo a distance 1.5 kilometers from Borobudur Temple, Magelang. This classy hotel also visited footballer David Beckham.

Security Problem Pujo automatically added security would be tightened and more alert to improve the comfort of Hollywood's aging artist's visit.
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