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Mastitis experienced Inong Malinda or Melinda Dee allegedly due to lack of maintenance during in custody, in addition to a state that makes it stressful for a variety of legal issues they experienced.
"I understand he had a personal physician who can come to his apartment. But when the prisoners did not get treatment or perhaps many minds, so it was reduced, the drop," said Melinda Dee's friend, artist Fifie Buntaran when contacted on Monday (13 / 6 / 2011).

Melinda Dee where Fifie a female figure and a brave friend. He has an unwavering spirit although they had to face many problems, with his status as single parents.

"He's tough, he's a wife and husband. He was a house wife and she was also the father of the family as well. Because he must pay for his children. He belonged to a woman super woman. Maybe he got this case because there are people envious, but I do not want to talk at length about it, "he said.

When I met Melinda had expressed his desire to get home and see her children. Physically he seemed to be no problem, can smile and talk as friends.

"Physical appearance does usual, still beautiful like Barbie Doll. Just and mental distress, the food also, he can not, so the food sent from home. The children were also poor, at depression embarrassment to the school, so many negative impacts that arise , "he said.

Melinda Dee surgery delayed for a few moments to technical reasons. Had been a debate in society about the cost of breast surgery that Melinda will be charged to the state through Jamkesmas. Now while undergoing treatment in hospital Police, according to Fifie, his friend was always in a tight police escort.

"At the hospital the police were in his room guarded by police. Actually, he's not getting special treatment. Now if the operation is performed in a hospital police would have no discordant voices, he was able to state why dibiayain. So go awry," he concluded.

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