Saturday, June 18, 2011


Geisha band will travel to Malaysia in order to promo their second album entitled 'Reaching Stars'. The band members also claim the origin of Pekanbaru was pleased and very enthusiastic.

"Yeah, we went from 19 to 22 June. Anyway we are really excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity to get the promo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia," says the vocalist Narova Morina Sinaga aka Momo when contacted by phone on Saturday (06/18/2011 ).

Momo and the other personnel Roby Satria (guitarist), Rahmat Ramadhan alias Dhan (keyboards), Ahmad Rashid aka Aan and Aulia Ashari aka Bernard (bassist), admitted preparing mentally. In addition, no matter their physical condition could appear prima keep in there.

This is the second time geisha performances abroad. Previously, the band hits with the song 'When Love Him' was once also held a concert in Hong Kong in January. In the neighbor country will, in addition to concerts, Geisha will also conduct visits to various local media.

"There we will visit some of the media like TV, radio and magazines. Not only that, in his June 21, we will also perform," said Momo.

Since spawned their second album titled 'Reaching Stars' at the end of March, the name Geisha is increasingly skyrocketed in the country music scene. Two of their flagship song 'Love and Hate' and 'broken heart' rotate the schedule gets crazy in a variety of electronic media.

As a result, they are now too busy with various gig scheduled in various cities in Indonesia, even to foreign countries. Although tired, they claim to enjoy it very much.

"From yesterday until today aja we can exist in three cities. Of Yogyakarta, Jakarta, continues to present us again in Medan for a gig off the water. Later from here we went directly to Malaysia. Although tired, we are all happy and really enjoy" added Momo.

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