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Socialites as well as heir to the Hilton empire, Paris Hilton, yet again love broke up. Love affair with Cy Waits, owner of a club in Las Vegas, which is established to 1.5 years has ended.
"Yes, they broke up.'s Sad anyway. He (Hilton) is very concerned and often think about it. He believed Cy is a good man, but yes that's the reality," the source told U.S. Weekly on Tuesday (21/06/2011 ).

The cause of relationship breakdowns are both touted because Cy could not stand by Hilton-hungry lifestyle with the publication. The climax, when Hilton signed a contract for the reality show for a program of The World According to Paris Hilton.

"Cy was very angry with the series. He felt too exposed their private lives. When he signed a contract for the event, he did not think that the camera will record it so massive," he said.
It was almost two years, both having an affair. In fact, Hilton feel Cy is the man who deserves to be his best man. In an interview, Hilton has already expressed its readiness when Cy will be proposed.

"We are very pleased. Nearly one-half years we (dating) now, so we'll see what will happen later. Everything will be recorded," Hilton said recently
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