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Having a sexy ass to make Kim Kardashian hit the news is not tasty. He is accused of having a fake ass. Tired of 'asset' pride body into the debate, Kim also perform a variety of ways to prove to the world if 'aset'nya is authentic and not the result of injections.

He decided to visit the doctor. Kim underwent X-ray beam at the bottom. And his visit to the doctor to be aired in the reality show that brought Kim with two other female relatives, 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian'.

"I really want to do it. So I can show to the whole world," Kim said as quoted from UsWeeekly, Friday, June 24, 2011.

Some time ago, had circulated the news if Kim's ass is fake. Many doubted the authenticity of the body parts that make a woman bleed Armenia, received the title as one of the sexiest women.

Kim encouraged to scan this ass after reading several articles in the virtual world that says that fake ass. Women who are getting married also had to laugh when Kourtney Kardashian, sister, membacan an article out loud, which states that one of Kim's ass exploded on a flight from New Jersey to Las Vegas.

Kim did not receive by the accusation. He admitted many things he did to have a sexy body. But he never thought to inject in order to change the 'assets' such bodies to look perfect.

"I am proud to say my ass is genuine and I never do anything like doing shots," said Kim in his personal blog.

Kim Kardashian beautiful body, especially the 'part bawah'nya, it makes a lot of people envy and suspicion, whether his body fake or genuine. To prove that 'this aset'nya native, Kim to be willing to do X-ray butt!
This reality show star had a scan at the bottom to give evidence on many criticize, that no silicone implants are implanted in his ass. Accompanied by her sister, the camera is still recording a reality show when her 30-year-old brunette was chatting with his doctor and lie on an x-ray table.

"If I had a false bottom, should do no defect at all?" Kim asked with a laugh.

This episode will be aired in full, including the results of his scan, the TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, on Sunday (26 / 6) future
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