Monday, June 20, 2011



Malinda Dee breast surgery, suspected cases of embezzlement of customer funds, Citibank has done in Siloam Hospital, Tangerang. The team doctors who operated on Malinda six people for six hours.

Head of National Police Commissioner passenger Joey Boy Amar said the operation took place Monday, June 20 at 22:00 pm until Tuesday (06/21/2011) 04.00. "It's been done by a team of plastic surgeons Siloam Hospital with team doctors Pusdokkes Tangerang Police," he said.

It was announced by Boy in his office, Trunojoyo Road, South Jakarta. Although not yet received a full report about the results of operations, but according to Boy, Malinda current condition is relatively better.

"The success is good information," said Boy.

Boy do not know for sure whether Malinda will be operated again or not. But certainly, the operation was to treat the inflammation that occurs in a known Malinda breast implants fitted.

"Continued or not (operation), it is not certain, clear operation is performed in order to treat the inflammation that affects concerned," said Boy.

Do breast implants in Malinda raised? "The assurance we do not yet know there are relevant matters raised or its operation, which obviously must be done to reduce inflammation," said Boy.
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