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It was Mulan never stop spreading sensation. Many odor news that emerged during the last few months. Especially the news that mention if she had given birth to her third child.

Then what is the response of former duet partner Maia Estiaty about these rumors?

"I've no reason I own party and labels. It could be to expand coverage in some media. I accept it is, maybe it's risks as an artist," she said after filling event 'NgeH1etsnya Abracadabra' in Studio 4 RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Saturday (04/30/2011).

Women who have the complete name Raden Terry Tantri Wulansari also said, if all this time he did not appear on the screen is one strategy to promote the new album.

"Maybe part of business strategy well, I ngikutin course, do not need to disprove and others," he said.

Although buffeted by rumors that is not tasty, 31-year-old woman was enjoying his days during his stay in 'hiding'.

"Nice to be well for the rest period for me," he added with a smile.

Until now, the singer Mulan Jameela not escape pregnancy rumors. Not wanting to be too bothered, Mulan chose to respond to these rumors gracefully.

"Responded yes sincerely, lived aja. Life's not always happy yes there is a sense really bad," Mulan said when met at the launch of the album 'Various Artists Bebi Romeo' at KFC Kemang, Jakarta, Wednesday (11/05/2011) night.

"Just swallow all the issues and news. I think I must live alone, because I was having the same job the media," he continued.

However, Mulan said he was happy to appear again in public after months away. Moreover can be met with Jameelians (call for fans Mulan).

"It feels good to really yes, maybe it's like two weeks after launching the 30th, I could see again the same Jameelians, multiple televisions, and met the same reporter," he explained
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