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Mystery death of Mrs. Tien Revealed - April 28, 1996, Indonesia received the news. First Lady Siti Hartinah Soeharto (Ibu Tien) passed away to his Maker due to a sudden heart attack at 5:10 pm precisely coincide with the celebration of Eid al-Adha.

Ironically, the issue appears tilted to the ears of people who claim that Madame Tien died of a bullet when Hutomo Mandala Putra (Tommy) was arguing with his brother Bambang Trihatmodjo because of fighting over the national car project.

Not a single party to clarify this news. However, slanting the news is finally revealed in the book The Untold Stories Pak Harto. Chronology of the death of Mrs. Tien removed completely by a former aide to Suharto, who is also a former National Police Chief General Sutanto.

"That is a rumor and the story is very cruel and not true at all. I am a living witness who saw Madame Tien sudden heart attack, brought to the car, and continued to wait outside the army hospital room when a team of doctors perform medical efforts, "Sutanto said in the book.

According to him, at the last moment that continues to accompany Madame Tien Soeharto in hospital. Suharto, said Sutanto, look deep sadness overwhelmed. How not, Madame Tien Soeharto is the figure who accompanied for decades.

"Approximately at 04.00 pm, Ms. Tien gets a sudden heart attack. Mother seems hard to breathe. I myself helped to bring my mother from the house to the car and then to the army hospital. At that time, in addition to Soeharto, Tommy Mas and Mas Sigit come accompanied, "he said.

"I hope the rumor is not true do not let it still believed by some people who until now continues to consider it right," he concluded.

Ibu Tien was buried in the Astana Giri Bangun, Central Java, on 29 April 1996 around 14:30 pm. A funeral ceremony was chaired by the Chief inspector of the parliament at that time, Wahono and Commander Col. Inf G Manurung ceremony, brigade commander at the time Kostrad 6
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